Adding a mandate holder to an account

It's simple and convenient thanks to Home'Bank. Go to the "Services" menu, choose "my accounts and cards" and add authorised representative. No need to visit a branch for this anymore.

Do you match one of these profiles?
  • Self-employed person seeking to delegate management of invoices...
  • Scouts delegating management of the troop's account...
  • Head of the family seeking to grant power of attorney to his/her partner or children in case of need...


There are many scenarios in which you might wish to add an authorised representative to a current account.

At ING, you can do this whenever you choose.

·        Go to Home'Bank

·        Click on Self-service corner (in the greyed-out bar at the top of your screen)

·        Choose <My accounts and cards>

·        Add authorised representative.


No access to Home’Bank?

Order your card reader for a secure connection. It will be sent to your home address within 3 working days.