ING Smart Banking app

The free banking app for your smartphone.

Discover ING Smart Banking: a secure and easy to use app. Manage easily and safely your day-to-day banking. Already more than 1 million users across Belgium are trusting the ING Smart Banking app, and you?

  • Easy management

    Browse easily through all your accounts, cards, investments, messages and documents.

    At the gym, in your kitchen or at the shop: send money in euro (SEPA) directly from your smartphone and without card reader.

  • Pay with your app

    The Bancontact feature allows you to make a payment in euro (SEPA) between 2 smartphones. Simply scan the QR code and confirm with your 6-digit code (or fingerprint).

  • Self-service

    Various free services in the app: modify the limits of your card, order or replace a debit or credit card...

  • A secure system

    Create your own personal profile using your ING card reader. Access to the app is then protected by a 6-digit code known only by you (or your fingerprint with the latest smartphones). The session expires automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.

  • ING+ deals

    Benefit from exclusive discounts on your purchases from a large list of partners. These deals are only accessible via the app.

1. Download the app

Available on the App Store and Google Play

2. Create your profile

Using your ING debit card and card reader.

Setting up the ING Smart Banking app on your smartphone is easy. Just watch our demo video.