ING Smart Banking app

The free banking app for your smartphone.

In view of the current exceptional circumstances, ING's mission is, more than ever, to help you manage your finances. Where and when you want. With the ING Smart Banking app it's possible! Whether it's to carry out everyday transactions, or something more specific, your accounts are always at hand. To try it is to love it!

Setting up the ING Smart Banking app on your smartphone is easy. Just watch our demo video.

  • Immediate access

    No need for a card reader to access your accounts, send money, view your credit card history, track your investments and more. Want to give it a try? Download now for Android or visit the App store for iOS

  • No cash needed

    At a restaurant or the doctor's, la fonction Bancontact permet d'effectuer un paiement en euros (SEPA) entre 2 smartphones. Want to give it a try? Download now for Android or visit the App store for iOS

  • You're in control

    Increase your debit card limits for a large one-off payment, order a replacement for a defective card… There are stacks of things you can do yourself, free of charge, via the Self-service corner.

  • A secure system

    Create your own personal profile using your ING card reader. Access to the app is then protected by a 6-digit code known only by you (or your fingerprint with the latest smartphones). The session expires automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.

  • Help for holidays

    Earn cashbacks on your bookings, make changes to your travel assistance cover, activate your debit card for use outside Europe (Maestro) and much more… It’s all possible via our app! Available for both Android and iOS

1. Download the app

Available on the App Store and Google Play

2. Create your profile

Using your ING debit card and card reader.