ING Smart Banking

Manage your personal and business accounts on your tablet!

ING Smart Banking is an application that lets you manage banking activities from your tablet, such as payments, internet shopping and opening a savings account. Your mobile bank is highly secure, free and easy to use and available anywhere.

  • Mobile Banking

    Manage your accounts anytime and anywhere with your mobile bank and the ING Smart Banking app: from your sofa or on the train, for example.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

    No instructions are needed: our app for tablet is so simple to use that you will find your way around in no time at all.

  • A highly secure system

    Create your profile with the help of your card reader From then on, a 6-digit code is all you need to connect to the app.

  • Keep control of your budget

    With the "My budget" module, your income and expenditure are categorised and illustrated in the form of charts, so you can see at a glance where your money is going!

  • Personal and business accounts

    View your balances, make payments (even when several signatures are required) or make an appointment at a branch... your bank is never far away!

  1. Create your profile code

    ... using your card reader and bank card

  2. Use ING Smart Banking

    Control your budget and carry out transfers, etc.