Set up your push notifications

Find out when you receive money in real time with notifications from the ING Banking app!

Want to know when you receive money in your current account the moment it happens, no matter where you are? No need to reach for a computer or find a Self’Bank. — Get notified on your phone instead! Simply approve notifications in your ING Banking app to ensure you never miss a thing.

  • Good news alert

    Set up an alert to receive a notification when funds over a set amount land in your account. 

  • Warnings

    Be warned in real time if a transfer doesn’t go through due to insufficient balance. That way you’ll avoid unnecessary fees for late payments.   

  • 100% personalised

    You decide which alerts you receive. 

  • No surprises

    Find out the moment a large amount is debited from your account.

  1. Log in to your ING Banking app

    Open your profile via the top right of your screen

  2. Go to Settings

    Tap Notifications and activate

  3. Customise and confirm your choices

    Set the alert type and amounts