Contactless payments with your smartphone

Payconiq: new in the ING Banking app

Heard of Payconiq already? This innovative piece of technology lets you pay in shops and online using nothing but your smartphone. And the good news is that it is now integrated in your ING Banking app. Let's take a closer look!

  • More hygienic

    Contactless payments are popular but not always possible for amounts above 50 euros. This is no problem for Payconiq. Simply scan the QR code displayed in the (online) shop and enter your 5-digit code to confirm the payment on your smartphone. It’s that easy!

  • Less to carry

    If you know your baker or supermarket has Payconiq, then you can leave your wallet at home and do your shopping securely with just your smartphone. Easy!

  • Faster

    When you complete your order online, you don't even need to use a card reader. Simply select the Payconiq payment option and open the ING Banking app to scan the QR code that appears on screen. Then confirm the payment with either your 5-digit code, your fingerprint or the FaceID technology.

Download the ING Banking app

If not already done!

I download the app
Go to the "Payment" tab

And choose Payconiq

Scan the QR code

And follow the instructions on the screen