Pay and get paid on the spot with Payconiq

Reimbursing is a breeze with this free feature in the ING Banking app.

Ever postponed a payment or awkwardly chased up a friend for money? Never again! With the Payconiq feature in the ING Banking app, it’s never been so easy to pay or get paid, either in person or remotely.

  • Fast

    No need to enter a new recipient. With Payconiq, you can pay your smartphone contacts directly, even if you don’t know their account number. 

  • Convenient

    Giving out your bank details? No need! Just send your contact a payment-request. They can pay you back simply by tapping the link in your message. Simple! 

  • Hygienic

    Make contactless payments in shops that accept Payconiq – even if your purchase is more than 50 euros. Simply scan the QR code displayed at the checkout and confirm the transaction on your phone.

Payconiq, as easy as a phone call!

  1. Download and install the ING Banking app

    It’s quick and easy

    Download now
  2. Go to the "Payment" tab

    And tap Payconiq

  3. Choose from the available options

    to make or request payments