4 December 2020

During your stay

ING continues to offer you valuable support and advice during your stay in Belgium! For all your questions about banking, retirement planning, insurance, buying a home, taxation or the logistics of returning to your homeland, the ING Expat Team is here for you. Both in Belgium and abroad!

Online banking

Are you on the road a lot? With ING, you can easily do your banking wherever and whenever you want. Once you have an ING account, debit card and card reader, you will be able to download and instantly activate our mobile app.

You can also log in to Home’Bank, our internet banking service to download account statements and much more. To access this service, you will also need an ING account, debit card and card reader.

Buying a home

Thinking of buying property in Belgium? As with any country, there are quite a lot of formalities involved. Which is why our employees are also on hand to support you in your search for your dream house or apartment.

Your tax situation and pension

Not sure what the pension system is like in Belgium? Looking for the best way to build up a solid pension? What about the tax implications?

Free insurance check-up

Make sure your experience of living and working abroad is a happy and care-free one! With the right insurance cover, you can rest easy in the knowledge that ING has you covered. The experts from our Expat Contact Centre will be only too pleased to offer you obligation-free advice on choosing the right insurance for your needs.

Preparing your return

Has your stay in Belgium (almost) come to an end? Or are you a Belgian expat preparing to move abroad? Even when you are no longer living in Belgium, our experts are still here for you with a range of international banking services and advice.

International Mobility Checklist

Is it time to go back home? It is a good idea to take another look at your financial situation before you leave. There is so much to do around this time and it is easy to forget the details. Which is why we help you think of everything with our free international mobility checklist.

ING Contact Centre

NL: +32 2 464 60 01

FR: +32 2 464 60 02

DE: +32 2 464 60 03

EN: +32 2 464 60 04

E-mail: expat@ing.be

Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.