Deposit or withdraw money using your bank or credit card

Need cash? Your bank or credit card allows you to withdraw money easily, in Belgium or abroad!

  • Cash

    You can generally withdraw up to 650 euros per transaction at a Self'Bank in denominations of 5, 20 and 50 euros, according to availability.

  • In Belgium and abroad

    You can withdraw money from any Belgian ATM with your ING card. You can also use your bank card abroad to withdraw money from ATMs showing the Maestro, Cirrus, Visa or MasterCard logos, according to the type of card you have.

  • As easy as 123

    All you need is your bank or credit card and of course a compatible ATM.

You can withdraw money from a Self'Bank or one of the many ATMs showing the Bancontact/Mister Cash/Maestro logo.

  • You can generally withdraw up to 650 euros per transaction at a Self'Bank.

  • Amounts between 2,000 and 5,000 euros: withdraw the cash in several transactions at a Self'Bank.

  • Amounts from 5,000 euros: send your details and the amount you wish to withdraw in advance to an ING branch with a counter. You can then withdraw the cash on an agreed date at the branch.

  • You don't have an ING bank card, or you have reached your card limit? As an ING customer, you can request a Minute Card allowing you to make a single withdrawal of up to 5,000 euros from a Self'Bank.

  • Abroad: you can also use your bank card to withdraw money from ATMs showing the Maestro or Cirrus logos. Read more about payments on holidays.

The amount you can withdraw with your bank card depends on your personal card limit and your account balance at the time of the withdrawal.

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You can withdraw cash with your credit card, in Belgium and abroad. You can do so at all public ATMs showing the VISA and MasterCard logos.

You do not have a credit card yet? Compare ING’s credit cards and find the one that suits you best.

You can deposit money on your account by using the handy Cash In/Cash Out (Self’Bank) machine.

Find a Cash In/Cash Out machine in your area.

Besides cash there are other ways of paying for large purchases such as a car or a house. You can make a bank transfer for example. You do it yourself, it’s fast and you do it at your own convenience, whether it’s from your computer, smartphone, tablet, in an ING branch or at a Self’Bank.

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Whether you are in a shop or want to pay your share of a restaurant bill there are different ways to pay besides cash:

  • The ING Smart Banking app for smartphone or tablet: pay back your friends with ease using the integrated Bancontact tool. The beneficiary introduces the amount and a QR code is generated. The person who owes the money scans the code, enters a 6 digit PIN code and it’s paid!

  • Payconiq: the free app for paying with your smartphone in participating retailers. Just select the name of the retailer, enter the amount, your PIN code and your bill is paid!

  • Bank card: whether it’s just a few euros or a lot more you can pay for all your purchases with your ING bank card in retailers displaying the Bancontact or Maestro logos.

  • Credit card: for all your expenses, big or small, in Belgium and abroad. You’ll find that virtually all shops and restaurants accept Visa.

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  • ING offers different solutions for shopping online using:

  • Do you have recurring invoices or other regular payments to make? Then pay by transfer! You can pay via your computer, smartphone, tablet, or in an ING branch or a Self’Bank for ING customers. There are several options to choose from to make things easy for yourself:

    • direct debit: pay recurring invoices automatically. Your payments will always be on time and you won't have to worry about any late payment charges! With a direct debit you allow your supplier to handle the invoices directly with your bank. This is called a mandate.

    • standing order: ideal for recurring payments, such as your rent or your monthly savings, saving you time! With a standing order you request your bank to transfer on a regular basis a fixed amount of money to another account on a chosen date.

    • Zoomit: your bills are paid thanks to a prefilled transfer! Zoomit is a free service where you receive your invoices in the secure environment of Home’Bank as well as on your smartphone app ING Smart Banking.

I want to enjoy the benefits of being an ING customer.

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