Pay your bills and manage your financial documents online!

Say goodbye to paperwork: Zoomit saves you valuable time by managing your bills and financial documents online. Even the details of your payable invoices are prefilled.

  • Completely free to use

    You can find the service in our ING Smart Banking app, Home’Bank and Business'Bank.

  • Prefilled transfers

    Your bills are paid in a matter of moments thanks to the prefilled transfer. And you can view a summary of all your paid and unpaid bills.

  • Environmentally-friendly

    Zoomit is the ideal alternative for paper-based documents, bills and invoices, helping to create a cleaner environment.

  • Receive documents online

    You can find them in your ING Smart Banking app, Home’Bank and Business'Bank. So you can also save or print your documents if you wish.

  • Nobody but you has access

    Not even ING or Zoomit. All transactions are carried out in the bank’s secure environment.

You can find Zoomit in our ING Smart Banking app, Home’Bank and Business'Bank. It is, in other words, 100% free of charge. And you do not have to register. Whenever a supplier decides to send you a document, you will find it in Zoomit.

Home’Bank and Business’Bank ING Smart Banking
1. Choose senders

Your list of senders contains suppliers who want to send ou documents via Zoomit. Indicate from which of them you want to receive documents.

2. View documents

View the invoices, salary slips, credit notes, tax assessment notices or direct debit notices from these senders.

(currently only invoices)
3. Pay bills

Paying the bills you receive via Zoomit is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Because all the details are already filled in. You simply have to choose an execution date and sign with your card reader or profile code.

Some senders allow you to submit a request yourself to receive documents via Zoomit. Visit the Zoomit website for:

You can receive electronic documents in PDF format relating to:

  • incoming payments such as payslips, credit notes, tax rebates, etc.

  • outgoing payments such as utility bills, tax bills, etc.

Visit the Zoomit website for:

Choose a sender

Once a supplier wants to send you documents, they will appear in your list of senders.

Go to Home'Bank
View your documents

E.g. bills, salary slips, credit notes or tax assessment notices.

Pay your bills

... by signing or adding them to your payment basket.