Standing orders

Set up a standing order and have your recurring payments executed automatically.

Save time with a standing order! Ideal for fixed and recurring payments like your rent or monthly savings. You decide how much and how often to pay. And it's 100% free!

  • For your recurring payments

    Once your standing order is set up, your recurring payments will be carried out without even having to think about it. Everything happens automatically. You save time while avoiding the risk of missed or late payments.

  • Manage everything yourself

    Set up your standing order for free and modify it later if necessary. Whenever and wherever you want via your computer.

  • Fully customisable

    Define the parameters of your standing order yourself: the frequency, the date, the amount, etc.

  • 100% free

    Set up and manage your standing orders 100% free of charge!

  • Choose the frequency and the date

    Set the frequency of your standing order yourself: e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, every two months, every three months, every six months or every year. If you opt for payments made every month (or less often), you can also specify the exact date of execution (e.g. the 7th of each month).

  • Choose a fixed or variable amount

    Setting up a standing order is the ideal solution for regularly transferring a fixed amount to the same bank account: e.g. to pay your rent. However, you can also opt for a standing order with an amount that varies depending on the balance on your account. For example, transferring the remaining available balance on your current account to your savings account on a specific date. There is just one condition: your automatic payment must in this case be made to an ING account in Belgium.

  • Create

    Setting up a standing order is easy via Home'Bank, a Self'Bank machine, or via the ING Smart Banking app for smartphone. Once set up, your standing order will be executed automatically.

    In Home'Bank or Self'Bank Select "Daily banking > My accounts and payments > Standing orders > New standing order". Click on your chosen payment account and follow the instructions.

    In the ING Smart Banking app for smartphone choose “New transfer > Standing order”

  • Cancel

    You can cancel a standing order at any time via Home'Bank. Select "Daily banking > My accounts and payments > Standing orders > Manage my standing orders". Next, select the account from which the standing order is paid and click on the name of the beneficiary. Click "Cancel", check that the data is correct and follow the instructions.

  • Modify

    You can modify an existing standing order via Home'Bank. Select "Daily banking > My accounts and payments > Standing orders > Manage my standing orders". Click "Modify" to change the details of your standing order. Then follow the instructions

If your account balance is insufficient to carry out your standing order, you will need to re-enter the transaction manually. Please note: fees apply in the event of insufficient funds to execute your transfer.

Setting up and using standing orders are completely free of charge, except in the following cases:

  1. If you choose the "payment certificate" option to receive in your April statements a list of payments made with this standing order the preceding year. This option costs 9.08 euros per year.

  2. If your standing order cannot be executed because of insufficient funds in your account. In some such cases, fees will apply.

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