Managing your child’s money

From taking his or her first steps, to learning to handle money and then full independence…with ING at your side, you have everything you need to show your child the way!

Plan now for your child’s future

Before birth

Did you know you can open a savings account for your child even before they are born? At ING, you can already obtain an account number from the 6th month of pregnancy. Which means, for instance, that you can include it on your birth announcement card ! Make an appointment at a branch to open a savings account for your child.

0 to 9 years

You are planning for your child’s future, but maybe grandparents and godparents would also like to be a part of it? There are plenty of occasions for you and your family to spoil your child. Their birthday is just one of them amongst many others.

There’s always a good excuse to save! By learning to save regularly, your child is taking his or her first steps towards financial independence.

10 to 17 years

Your child is starting to express his or her independence more and more! And that also goes for their money. What better way to learn financial responsibility than with their own current account and their first bank card?

18 years and over

Starting a degree or launching a career… whatever their chosen path, your child’s first major financial decisions are just around the corner. Rest assured, we are here both for them and for you with practical tips and expert advice.

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