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ING Term Account

The ING Term Account is a term deposit that allows you to make a return on capital that you can do without for a fixed period of time, up to 36 months. You know the rate you will be getting right from the start.

  • Where?

    You can open the ING Term Account on your smartphone using the ING Banking app, on your computer with Home'Bank or in branch.

  • How long and how much?

    You choose how long you want to block your money for.

    - On your smartphone via the ING Banking app or on your computer via Home'Bank: you can opt for a 12-month, 18-month or 24-month term.

    - In a branch: all durations are available, from 1 day to 36 months.

    If the account is opened in euros, the minimum amount is 1,000 euros.

    If you open an account in a foreign currency (only at a branch) the minimum amount corresponds to an exchange value of 5,000 euros.

  • How?

    The ING Term Account depends on a reference account (ING Current Account or ING Invest Account) to which it is linked. The titular holders, the proxy holders, as well as the powers of attorney, linked to the ING Term Account are identical to those linked to the reference account. At term, interest is paid into this reference account. For terms of more than one year, you automatically receive interest at the annual maturity date.

    Once opened, you can easily check the balance of your ING Term Account on your smartphone via the ING Banking app, on your computer with Home'Bank or at a branch.

    At the final term, the capital and interest are automatically transferred to a savings account of your choice or to the reference account.

  • Who?

    Any individual customer of legal age may apply to open an ING Term Account provided that he/she can carry out transactions from the reference account.

The interest rate depends on the amount, tenor, currency and market conditions. When opening online, the proposed interest rate will appear on the screen before you have to confirm the opening request. For other tenors, given the number of possible combinations, you can contact your branch or the call centre to get an indication of the rate applied.

Only the currency "Euro" is available online. The following currencies are available in branch: Euro, US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Swedish Crown, Norwegian Crown, Danish Crown, Canadian Dollar, South African Rand, Yen, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar.

The interest rates are expressed on an annual basis, before deduction of withholding tax, and are valid for the entire duration of the chosen term.

Opening, managing and closing an ING Term Account at the end of the specified savings period are completely free of charge. For the first fourteen days after opening, you retain the right to close your ING Term Account free of charge. After this fourteen-day period, the ING Term Account cannot be closed early, except in exceptional circumstances to be assessed by ING. The bank will then make a proposal to you, taking into account the possible damage it suffers according to the market conditions of the moment.

Interest is subject to 30% withholding tax, deducted at source by ING.

The ING Term account is an ING Bank Belgium SA term account. Belgian law alone applies.

Your savings of up to €100,000 are protected by the guarantee on savings deposits. In the event of ING going bankrupt or in the event of a risk of bankruptcy, you may lose savings in excess of this amount or be required to reduce/convert them into shares.

Rising prices (inflation) can have a negative impact on your purchasing power.

In the case of foreign currency term deposits, there is a foreign exchange risk.

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How do you get started?

  1. Sign into your Home'Bank

    If you already are an ING customer, use your ING card reader or the itsme® app

  2. Request your term deposit

    Confirm your data

  3. Confirm your request

    Check the summary of your request and sign

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