Savings accounts

ING Lion Deposit

Online regulated savings account

The ING Lion Deposit is a regulated savings account with no fixed maturity date, available to anyone aged 18 years or over with a valid e-mail address and Belgian address. This simple savings account is managed entirely online. Before you open it, we nonetheless advise you to read the following information:

  • Free of charge

    You pay no charges to open or manage this savings account

  • Your money is always accessible

    You can withdraw money whenever and wherever you like, with no restrictions

  • Save as you wish

    Deposit whenever you like! There is no minimum initial deposit requirement when you open the account. The maximum amount you can save is €500,000.

  • 24/7 management

    You can easily monitor the balance of your account via the ING Smart’Banking app, Home’Bank and as well in your account statements.

The base rate is 0.01% and the loyalty premium is 0.10%.

The interest rates apply on an annual basis and are subject to change at any time. The applicable interest rate is available online and at all ING branches. If the interest rate changes, we inform account holders by means of their account statements. 

Account opening and management are both free. Sending money is also free. 

You will not pay any withholding tax if the interest on your ING Lion Deposit Savings Account is less than 980 euros (for assessment year 2020, income of 2019). This amount is doubled in the case of accounts opened in the name of a married couple or legal partners i.e. a cap of 1,960 euros (for assessment year 2020, income of 2019).

If your interest is more than 980 euros (1,960 euros married partners or legal cohabiting persons), you will pay withholding tax of 15% (for assessment year 2020, income of 2019).

The ING Lion Deposit Savings Account is a regulated savings account from ING Bank België NV. Belgian law applies.

The deposit guarantee (pdf) scheme protects your savings up to €100,000. If ING were to go bankrupt or be at risk of going bankrupt, you might lose the remaining amount or it might be subject to a reduction/conversion into shares. For more information, please consult the essential information for savers (pdf).

Contact ING Complaint Management, Cours Saint-Michel / Sint-Michielswarande 60, 1040 Brussels. Call +32 (0)2 547 61 04 or send an e-mail to

If you have been in touch with ING already, you can also contact the ombudsman for banking disputes: Ombudsfin, North Gate II, Boulevard du Roi Albert II / Koning Albert II-laan 8, 1000 Brussels. Call +32 2 545 77 70 or send an e-mail to