Electronic account statements

Electronic account statements

Easily manage and download your account statements

Cut down on the paperwork with account statements in digital format. Choose when and how often you receive them via Home'Bank.

  • Easy to manage

    You can easily manage your electronic account statements via your computer, 24/7! Saving you valuable time in the process. You choose when and how often you receive your account statements in PDF format.

  • Legally compliant

    The legal value of an electronic account statement is exactly the same as that of a paper copy. The same is true of electronic duplicates.

  • Highly secure

    You alone have access to your account statements via your highly secure connection to Home'Bank.

  • Saves space

    Paper account statements take up space and collect dust. Download your electronic account statements via Home'Bank instead.

  • Environmentally friendly

    No need to print your account statements any more, thereby minimising your environmental impact.

Already selected electronic account statements in Home'Bank? Check now!< And then discover how easy it is to manage your statements via Home'Bank 24/7!

  • Manage: choose how often you want to receive your electronic account statements in PDF format. You can even specify a start date (e.g. every 15th of the month). The default option is monthly account statements, counting from the day you opened your account.
  • Download and consult: view your electronic account statements for up to one year via Home'Bank. You can also download and save them to your hard drive.

No need to duplicate paper statements. Each person who has access to a specific account will receive the same electronic statements via Home'Bank:

  • Joint account: if you hold a joint account with one or more people, you will each have access to Home'Bank and to the electronic account statements for your account.
  • Your child's account: if you opened an account for your child (e.g. an ING go to 18 account), you can also monitor the account via Home'Bank and electronic account statements. So you can keep an eye on how they are managing their money. If you have separated from your spouse, each parent will be able to access the account.

You can request a duplicate of your electronic account statements via Home'Bank. As a result, the content and number of the duplicate will be exactly the same as in the original statement.

To specify which statement to duplicate, you can indicate either:

  • The date of the transaction in your account in which you are interested. For example, if you want to view/check a banking transaction carried out on that day, but you no longer have the relevant statement.
  • The number of the account statement you are missing.

The duplicate will be available in Home’Bank for seven days after sending your request. This gives you enough time to download the PDF file and save it on your PC.

Electronic account statements and duplicates are available in PDF format. If you request more than 1, they will be compressed together in a ZIP file. This enables you to save the files easily on your computer.

The account statement is the original copy. That means that there can only be one of them, even in digital format. Whether this account statement is electronic or on paper, it has the same legal value.

The same is true for duplicates. Each is an official copy of the original statement, providing the same information about transactions carried out over a given period. The content and number of the duplicate will be exactly the same as the original. Duplicate account statements have the same legal value as the original. Even in electronic format!

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