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ING+ deals

Thanks to ING+ deals you can earn money on your purchases.

ING has negotiated exclusive deals with various great brands for its customers.
ING+ deals follows the cashback principle: you pay the full amount and then get the discount as a refund.

Go to the Smart Banking app and sign up to ING+ deals.

  • Attractive brands

    You can choose from a broad selection of discounts on everyday expenses.
    New deals and new brands will be added regularly, so take a look from time to time!

  • Personalised deals

    Would you like to enjoy even more benefits?
    Then choose for the personalised deals on top of the general discounts that are available to everyone

  • Online and/or in-store purchases

    Some deals are only valid online and others only in a real shop, but you can redeem many discounts both ways.

  • Simple repayment

    The discounts are calculated automatically and repaid into your chosen account usually in the month following your purchase.
    You don’t have to provide any extra information or fill in any forms.

  • Why this service?

    At ING, our mission statement is: “Empowering people to stay ahead in life and in business.”
    That’s why at ING, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help our customer to control their budget and to save money.

The ING+ deals in one minute

Spend money and get money back? It's possible with the ING+ deals.

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Discover ING+ deals.
    • Choose for ING+ deals in the menu of the ING Smart Banking App.

  • Choose and activate one or more ING+ deals.

  • Go to the store or shop online.
    • Pay the full amount with your ING account: credit card, bank card, transfer and/or direct debit.
    • You will see the accepted payment methods in the discount details.
    • Note: for online shopping you have to access the brand’s website from the discount details in order to make your purchase or to place an order. Otherwise the discount won’t apply.

  • Get money back.
    • The date on which you will get your money back depends on the terms and conditions of the shop where you made your purchase.
    • You don’t have to provide any extra info or fill in or send forms. The discount will be calculated automatically.

  • And since protecting your personal data is a given at ING, it will never be shared, not even with participating brands.

  • Can I cumulate my discounts with other shop promotions?
    • Yes. The ING+ deals are separate from any other promotions offered by shops to their customers. You can therefore cumulate these offers unless otherwise specified in the deal conditions.

  • When will I receive my refund?
    • You must take into account the return period for your purchase as defined by the shop in question. Once the return period is over, you should normally receive your cashback into your account one month later (with a maximum delay of 45 days).

  • Can I use a joint account for ING+ deals?
    • Yes, of course. In that case it is important that both account holders activate the same ING+ deal first. If you activate a deal, but the other account holder doesn’t, only the payments you make with your bank card will be taken into account for the cashback calculation.

  • I have a different question. Who can help me?
    • Look through the other questions. Type your question and add ING+ deals.
    • Let us know as soon as possible via email at:

ING+ deals Belgium aims to provide its customers with benefits in the form of discounts for purchases from its business partners. Within the framework of ING+ deals, ING Belgium organises one or more Promotions of a limited duration in the course of each year. For each Promotion, ING Belgium communicates, through its Home'Bank / ING Smart Banking services, the list of participating business partners and the benefit(s) offered to them. These benefits are guaranteed within the limits (conditions and/or terms) set in the offer of the business partner.

To participate in a Promotion, the ING Belgium Customer must register for it via the "ING+ deals" page of ING Belgium's Home'Bank / ING Smart Banking services. Before registering for a Promotion, the Customer must provide an account to which all the discounts due in respect of the Promotions will be reimbursed. The Customer must be the holder or joint holder of this account and it must be an ING Lion Account or an ING Green Account with ING Belgium. This reference account will remain the same for any new Promotions organised by ING Belgium.

ING Belgium will complete this refund on the first working day of the month:

  • following the date of the Customer’s purchase as referred to in the Promotion, or
  • if a right of renunciation/withdrawal to be exercised with the trading partner is applicable to the purchase made under the Promotion, following the end date of the period of renunciation/withdrawal defined by the terms and conditions of the business partners’ offers, to the extent that you have not exercised this right of renunciation/withdrawal. If this right is exercised, the Customer automatically loses his/her right to reimbursement of the discount within the framework of the Promotion in question.

The aforementioned period will in any case never exceed 45 calendar days from the date of the Customer’s purchase as referred to in the Promotion.

A Customer may register for a Promotion for the duration of its validity, and, if applicable, from the publication of its announcement as defined in point 2 of these Regulations. If the Customer registers for a share under way, he/she nevertheless benefits of all advantages related to the said share for the duration of the latter, in accordance with the terms and/or conditions set out in the offer made by the business partners and for all his/her purchases, even if purchases were made prior to the registration in question. However, in order to benefit from the discount offered on online purchases within the framework of a Promotion (provided that this possibility is offered under the terms of the Promotion in question), the Customer must connect to the "ING+ dealS" page of the ING Belgium Home'Bank / ING Smart Banking services beforehand, and click on the offer of the business partner in question, in order to be redirected to the said business partner's website.

All relevant terms and conditions are available at, from all ING branches or by calling +32 2 464 60 04.

Read the ING+ deals terms and conditions.

ING Belgium SA/NV - Bank - Registered office: 24 avenue Marnix, 1000 Brussels - VAT BE 0403.200.393 - Brussels RPM/RPR - BIC (SWIFT address): BBRUBEBB - IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789.

Choose ING+ deal

Choose for ING+ deals in the menu of the ING Smart Banking App. There you can activate one or more ING+ deals.

Pay total amount

Pay the full amount via your ING account, ING bank or credit card to enjoy the discount.

Receive refund

The discounts are calculated automatically and are refunded usually in the month following your purchase.