Self banking


The app for secure identification

Thanks to the itsme app, the ING card reader is no longer the only way to log in and sign your transactions in Home'Bank. Now, your smartphone can also double as a key to your online banking. By confirming your identity safely and securely, the itsme app lets you access a range of online services, including Home'Bank.

  • Mobile solution

    Thanks to itsme, it is now possible to confirm your identity using your smartphone. Which means you can use it to log in to Home'Bank and sign your transactions. The mobile alternative to the conventional card reader!

  • Easy to use

    Log in to Home'Bank with your smartphone and sign your transactions using your unique 5-digit PIN.

  • Extremely secure

    Your unique mobile identity is created using data from your electronic identity card (eID) which is linked to that of your smartphone SIM card.

  • Multiservices

    itsme can also be used to verify your identity for a range of other services: e.g. government online services, webshops, etc. The full list of these services is available on the website.

Watch our demo on setting up your itsme account

Want to create an itsme account? Watch our video and learn how to download, install and set up your itsme account via ING

  • Download and open the itsme app and follow the instructions to create your itsme account
  • Log in to Home'Bank
  • Check your personal and contact data. They should match those on your eID
  • Sign to approve your data being shared with Belgian Mobile ID
  • Copy the identification token you receive in Home'Bank and enter it the itsme app
  • Follow the instructions in the itsme app

Belgian Mobile ID is a consortium that brings together Belgium's leading banks and mobile telecom providers. These major digital players have joined forces to create the Belgian reference in the fields of mobile identity and digital privacy.

The itsme app is the result of their research. It allows all Belgian citizens with a smartphone and an identity card to log in securely to a number of sites and apps that require digital interaction.

itsme provides each Belgian citizen with a unique and secure mobile identity. Such that there can no longer be any doubt about the identity of the person trying to enter a secure site or sign a transaction or electronic document online.

itsme is your secure key, letting you log in to Home'Bank and sign transactions without your bank card or ING card reader.

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Hold a Belgian electronic identity card
  • Have a Belgian mobile number
  • Have a mobile phone equipped with an Apple or Android operating system
  • Only 1 account per person and per mobile phone number
  • Your unique mobile identity is created on the basis of the data on your eID card which is then linked to that of your smartphone SIM card.
  • The application meets all privacy and data protection standards.
  • All actions must be confirmed with your unique 5-digit code.
  • Confirm your identity for logging in to Home'Bank.
  • Sign your transactions in Home'Bank.
  • Over time, more features and services will be accessible via the itsme app.
  • Block your itsme account (use logo) via Home'Bank. Once the account is blocked, it will no longer be able to be used to access any of the services you had linked to your itsme account.
  • We also recommend that you block your ING Smart Banking account.
  • You can block your itsme account via or Home'Bank.

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