Log in without having to enter your password

We have recently introduced new security checks that make the Home’Bank/Business’Bank password obsolete. You will soon be able to log in to Home'Bank and Business’Bank without having to enter a password.

Easier, faster and secure

We are constantly looking for ways to make e-banking at ING even simpler. New security measures have made the Home'Bank/Business’Bank password obsolete. Which means accessing your accounts and payments will soon be even easier, without compromising the security of your banking details.

Once the password field is removed, your login page will appear as follows:

Agfa Christian reinaudo Base Intro

Watch out for fraudulent e-mails asking you to confirm your login details. ING will never ask you to send such details (including, e.g., response codes from your card reader) via e-mail.

Very important: Never use a link in an e-mail to access Home’Bank. Always go to www.ing.be and click on the Home’Bank button in the top-right corner of your screen.Très important : n'utilisez jamais de lien dans un e-mail pour accéder à Home'Bank.

More information about phishing

Login via smartphone with itsme.

Looking for an even faster way to log in, without your ING bank card or card reader? itsme, the state-of-the-art smartphone app approved by the Belgian government, lets you confirm your identity and log in and sign transactions in Home'Bank and Business’Bank using your smartphone and a secure, 5-digit PIN known only by you.

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