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ING Smart Banking

Manage your private and business accounts on your smartphone!

ING Smart Banking for smartphone is a user-friendly mobile banking application for all your banking transactions: payments, online shopping or opening a savings account. Your mobile bank is highly secure, free and easy to use, and available anywhere.

  • Mobile Banking

    On the bus, at the shops... Manage your accounts wherever and whenever you choose with the mobile bank and ING Smart Banking app.

  • Pay easily online

    The Bancontact feature lets you pay for your online purchases in the blink of an eye. Simply scan the QR code and confirm with your 6-digit code.

  • A highly secure system

    Create your own personal profile using your ING card reader. Access to the app is then protected by a 6-digit code known only by you.

  • Digital fingerprint

    Do you have an iPhone 5s or later model? With iOS8 or higher? Or an Android Smartphone with Google imprint? If so, you can log in quickly and securely with your digital fingerprint.

  • Personal and business accounts

    Check your balances, make payments (even those requiring more than one signature), make an appointment at a branch and do it all wherever and whenever you want thanks to the ING Smart Banking app.

The ING Smart Banking app for smartphone can be used by all ING clients who are:

You can install and use ING Smart Banking on a smartphone with internet access and compatible with our app, such as:

  • iPhone 4, 4S, 5S, 6+ or later, with iOS 6.0 or higher
  • Android smartphone 2.3.3 or higher

First download and install ING Smart Banking on your smartphone. You will also need to have your ING Card Reader and your bank card at hand in order to create your profile. You can then bank on the go using the smartphone app!

  1. Download ING Smart Banking

    • Go to with your iPhone or iPod Touch, or search directly for "ING Smart Banking" in the App Store.

    • Go to with your Android smartphone, or search directly for "ING Smart Banking" in Google Play. ING Smart Banking for smartphone is available for all Belgian ING accounts, in 4 languages and in 10 countries.

      Still not convinced? Not yet an ING client? Download the app, try our interactive demo and become a customer using your smartphone.

  2. Create your profile

    Once you have installed the app, you can create your ING Smart Banking profile using your ING Card Reader, your bank card and your Home’Bank/Business’Bank password. You also need to choose a 6-digit profile code. You will use this code to log in and confirm future payments. It is possible to create several profiles on a number of different devices. This can be useful if, e.g., you want to have a profile for your personal accounts and one for your business accounts.

  3. Accounts and beneficiaries

    Your accounts and beneficiaries will automatically be available as soon as your profile has been created. You can modify this via your Mobile Banking settings in Home’Bank and/or Business’Bank. If the icon in the Mobile Banking column is orange, it means the account is available via your mobile banking profile. Accounts with a grey icon next to them will not be available for mobile banking.

  4. Payments

    You can make payments between your own accounts, to beneficiaries you have saved in Home’Bank or Business’Bank and any other account in Europe which is in the SEPA zone (FR). Having trouble making payments? Check your payment preferences in the app’s settings. Payments to saved beneficiaries and other accounts must be ticked.

You can do most of your banking with the ING Smart Banking app for smartphone.

  • Track your personal and business accounts

    You can check the balance and past transactions for your current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards for personal use.

  • Make payments

    You can transfer funds between your own accounts and to all European accounts in the SEPA zone. It is also perfectly possible to add a future execution date as in Home’Bank and Business’Bank.

    • Create standing orders: For recurring payments and automatic savings.

    • Track upcoming transactions: Under the Upcoming transactions list in your transaction history, you will see a summary of scheduled payments and their execution dates. You will also see the next following standing order payment due to go out.

  • Zoomit

    Pay your Zoomit invoices with the app. You can also change the status of your invoices.

  • Open a savings account or savings plan

    Open a new savings account or pension plan in just a few clicks via the app.

  • Paying for online purchases

    The app’s built-in Bancontact option makes online shopping, or paying back friends, quick and easy. The beneficiary enters the amount and a QR code is generated. Just scan the QR code on the screen, confirm with your 6-digit code and it’s paid!

  • Search for transactions

    Find details of past payments very quickly via the Search function.

  • E-mail your account number

    Want to request funds from, e.g., a friend who owes you money? You can e-mail your friend your account number from the app and add a personal message.

  • Rename an account

    You can give your accounts any name you wish, such as "Joint account", "Emily’s first savings account", etc. These new names will also appear in Home’Bank and Business’Bank.

  • Quickly locate an ING branch and make an appointment

    Instantly find your nearest branch and book an appointment at that branch. You can also add a reminder for the appointment to your personal calendar.

Delete your ING Smart Banking profile immediately. Your accounts will no longer be accessible on your smartphone.

The quickest ways to do this are to:

  • Log in to Home’Bank or Business'Bank. In the top right-hand corner of the home page under your name, select the option "Mobile Banking Settings". On this page, click on "Action" and select "Delete profile". If you wish to delete all of your profiles, select "Delete all profiles".
  • Call us on +32 464 60 04 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday or 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. This number is also printed on the back of your bank card. One of our employees will help you delete your profile.

Note that you can create a new profile at any time, either on a new device or on your old one, if you find it again.

Download and install the app

from the App Store or Google Play

Download ING Smart Banking
Create your profile code

... using your card reader and bank card

Use ING Smart Banking

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