Self banking


Pay with your smartphone using this free app!

You no longer need your bank card or even your wallet to make payments. Now you can pay your share of a restaurant bill or pay back a friend using a simple yet revolutionary new app: Payconiq. Combining all the security guarantees of your bank account with the convenience of your smartphone.

  • A free innovative service

    Payconiq is a unique mobile app designed to enable you to make payments via your smartphone, even between accounts held at different banks.

  • To pay back your friends

    No need to know your friends’ bank details. And they don’t even need to be nearby: you just need their phone number or e-mail address.

  • To pay for your purchases

    Use the app to pay for your purchases at participating retailers. All you need to do is select the name of the shop in the app, enter the amount and then confirm with your code.

  • Pay and save points via 1 app

    Take advantage of two services in one by integrating your joyn* loyalty card in Payconiq. Just ask the shop keeper to scan your card’s QR code; you earn points automatically every time you pay!

*joyn is a merger of Qustomer and CityLife. If you already have one of these loyalty cards your points will be automatically transferred to your new joyn card.

Any private individual aged 18 or over who has a smartphone with a mobile data connection (iPhone 4S/8.0 or later or Android 4.1 or later) and a European current account.

To pay for your purchase in a participating merchant’s store, you just open the Payconiq app and select the store from the list of merchants. Enter the amount of your purchase, confirm the payment with your PIN and it’s paid.

Stay in Payconiq and simply scroll down the screen on the left-hand side to use joyn, your digital loyalty card. You can use it at all participating merchants who have a loyalty programme.

A QR code will appear on your smartphone’s screen which you scan on the merchant’s tablet. The system will then automatically calculate the number of points you have earned. These points are added to your loyalty card straight away!

joyn is a merger of CityLife and Qustomer. It is very easy to integrate your joyn multi-retailer loyalty card into your Payconiq app. Pay and earn points at the same time:

  • Click on the Loyalty link in the top menu.

  • Click on “Add a loyalty card”.

  • Either scan the QR code on your card or log in to your chosen loyalty programme.
    Off you go!

It’s completely free! Both to download via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and to use.

If you are an ING customer and use the ING Smart Banking app you can be sure that creating your Payconiq profile is both highly secure and extremely straight forward.

  • If you created your Payconiq profile with the ING Smart Banking app then your Payconiq user limits are the same as for making transfers via ING Smart Banking.

  • If you did not register through ING Smart Banking, Payconiq payments are limited to 150 euros every 7 days.

I want to switch to ING quickly and easily.

The offer for services of Payconiq is valid subject to acceptance by ING Belgium SA/NV and, if applicable, by ING Bank nv, and to mutual agreement. The terms and conditions for services (general terms and conditions, rates and other additional information) are available at all ING branches or at

The ‘Payconiq’ services are provided by ING Bank NV (Registered office: Bijlmerplein 888, 1102 MG Amsterdam, Amsterdam Trade Register no. 33031431) and offered via ING Belgium SA/NV (a partner of Payconiq).

Download and install the app

via the App Store or Google Play

Download Payconiq
Create and activate your profile

by entering your details and the activation code you receive

Choose your PIN code

Your Payconiq app is ready to use!

For ING customers For non-customers
  • Download the free Payconiq app from the App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

  • Create your profile by entering your details.

  • Activate your profile with the activation code you receive by SMS text message, then go to the ING Smart Banking app to create a personal PIN code.

  • Choose your PIN code.

Your Payconiq app is ready to use!

  • Download the free Payconiq app from the App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

  • Create your profile by entering your details.

  • You will receive an activation code that will be displayed in your account statements.

  • Choose your PIN code.

Your Payconiq app is ready to use!