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Saving for young people

Choose the best savings account for your child

Do you want to teach your child to manage their money while retaining control of their savings? You can do so now with the ING Green Savings Account and the ING Orange Savings Account, two free of charge accounts that you manage online or in branch.

  • Controlled management

    You teach your child to save money while retaining control of their account until they reach 18.

  • Secure savings

    Your child’s savings are protected by law up to an amount of 100,000 euros by the deposit guarantee scheme (PDF).

  • Free of charge

    You pay nothing to open and manage these online savings accounts.

  • Flexible

    Opening and managing an account

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You can open these two accounts online

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You can open your ING Green Savings Account or ING Orange Savings Account at any ING branch.

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Is your child aged 12 years or over?

Remember to have their ID card to hand when you open the account