The flexible credit card

ING Card credit card**

Need cash reserves for unexpected expenses? | ING has the answer
  • Stay in full control

  • Repay in instalments

  • Bridge major expenses

The ING Card offers maximum flexibility to manage your budget and make hassle-free payments, both in Belgium and abroad. And with several types of free insurance included, this credit card also offers maximum peace of mind. ​


  • Worldwide: make payments anywhere you see the MasterCard logo and withdraw cash from ATMs at home and abroad.*
  • Secure: online payments are even more secure thanks to MasterCard® SecureCode. In addition, you can check your balance safely via ING Smart Banking for smartphones and tablets.
  • Insured: purchases that were paid for with this credit card include free insurance against theft and damage. Your online purchases are covered against non-delivery or incorrect delivery.
  • Flexible: you pay back your expenses in instalments or with a single payment. The choice is yours!
  • Handy: you can transfer money to any Belgian account.

* Some banks do not automatically permit worldwide payments with your credit card. At ING, however, your credit card is not restricted to any specific region: you can make secure payments from anywhere in the world.

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