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Intuitive design and menu

  • Home'Bank is an integral part of our website, All information is arranged in the same way: "Day-to-day banking", "Lending", "Savings", "Investments", "Insurance" and "Retirement". Each section now has its own Home'Bank menu with specific options.
  • Personalise your homepage and direct links if desired.
  • Change your settings (contact details, mobile banking settings, etc.) quickly and easily via the link on your Home'Bank homepage.
  • Apply for bank cards, open accounts and take out insurance quickly and conveniently using the links on each page.
  • Surf from Home'Bank to and back without having to log in again.

Manage your banking simply and conveniently

  • You can view all your ING accounts, cards, loans, insurance policies, investments and savings plans at a glance with Home'Bank.
  • You can add and change beneficiaries in less than no time.
  • Take advantage of our very convenient transfer limits or have them adjusted at your ING branch.
  • You can manage your standing orders and direct debits and make several transfers at the same time.
  • You can monitor your credit card transactions.
  • With Zoomit, you can receive and pay your invoices directly through Home'Bank.

Your bank at home

You no longer have to leave your home to apply for a loan, take out insurance, open an account or manage your investments. You can now do all of this through Home'Bank. You can always run a simulation first or calculate an insurance premium before you go ahead with the request. Because you are logged in to Home'Bank, much of the required information (your name, address, etc.) is already entered in the required fields, making the simulation even easier.

Other electronic services

ING Smart Banking is the perfect addition to Home’Bank because, with our mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, your bank is always at hand. Forgotten to make a payment? Want to check your balance? Simply enter your 6-digit code to access all your information.

As a Home'Bank user, you also have automatic access to Phone'Bank to arrange your banking by phone and Home'Pay to pay your online purchases quickly and securely via Home'Bank.

Terms and conditions

You can apply for Home'Bank if you:

  • are over 12 years old
  • have a mandate for an ING account

For professionals

Want to use Home'Bank for business purposes? Business'Bank allows you to keep your business accounts perfectly separate from your personal accounts! It also offers a range of extra features:

  • joint signatures
  • higher payment limits
  • managing mandates and opening business accounts
  • personalised documents
  • link to CODA and CIRI files to link your accounting package with your Home'Bank

More information on Business'Bank.

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