The ING mobile app for smartphones

ING Smart Banking

  • For private & business use

  • Payments with execution date

  • Free

Do you have a smartphone? Then take a quick look at how ING Smart Banking, our mobile app for smartphones, will help you every day! Opening a current or savings account, checking account balances, carrying out transactions, viewing past transactions, finding a branch, making an appointment, etc. – managing your day-to-day banking has never been easier and secure!

Also take a look at our m-site, ideal to find out our products on mobile devices or directly open some of them online. ​​


  • Rapidly check balances and make payments: you can instantly see how much you have in your account and make transfers between your own accounts and to any beneficiaries, whether already set up or not.
  • Stay on top of your business banking: you can view all of your investments and planned payments. In addition, you can set up, track and sign payments that require multiple signatures.
  • For business and private accounts: you can create multiple profiles on a single device, for example 1 for your business accounts and 1 for your private accounts.
  • Secure banking: you log in and execute transactions using a 6 digit profile code. And if you have an iPhone 5s or later running at least iOS8, you can even log in using your fingerprint: the best password there is!
  • Free application: the app costs nothing. An ING account plus access to Business’Bank and/or Home'Bank is all you need.

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