Accelerating tech in financial services

No theater, no non-sense, the hard way. Fast-forward your business & execute
A proof of concept with a top tier bank

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We are looking for startups that offer a solution to one of the following 4 challenges

Instant advice, instant everything.

Looking for personal experiences driven by data analytics, IoT & AI (chatbots, robo-advisors, etc.)


The future of safe & secure.

Looking for groundbreaking solutions in the Biometrics, Cybersecurity, Regtech & Risk Modelling sphere.


Going beyond the traditional.

Help us challenge the borders of financial services today.


Rethinking the business bank.

Looking for (non-) financial services for SMEs with a focus on data insights, risk modelling & Business Financial Management.


Discover the main drivers of success and ways to boost your chances of being selected to the programme

What’s the programme about?

Real life testing & tuning

Depending upon the development stage of your solutions, we will team up to conduct:

  •  a Proof of Concept to make sure that your technology works in the complex and regulated environment of a top tier bank, and/or
  •  a Proof of Value to measure the business impact of your solutions and its value. This will provide you with more experience and enable you to tune your solution for even more relevance and impact…and ultimately to sign a contract with ING.


To support the Proof of Concept, we run a track of masterclasses. This track exists out of key trainings obligatory to all and is complemented with ad hoc mentoring & support via a mentor pool. Within our pool of mentors & trainers we have seasoned bankers, entrepreneurs, VCs and industry & topic experts available on demand to share their tips & tricks. The goal is to better equip you with the skills, tools & networks needed to accelerate your growth, and continue to improve your solution and go-to-market.

Is it something for you?

Definitively if you can tick the following 3 boxes:

  •  Your solution addresses one of our challenges.
  •  You will commit to do what is required to succeed. This includes assigning the right resources to be present in BENELUX for the execution of the PoC/PoV and the masterclasses track.
  •  You have a good understanding of what you want to test and validate at FinTech Village through Proof of Concept / Proof of Value.

We are looking for outstanding teams with great ideas capable of solving one of the challenges mentioned above. Of course, if you have something really innovative or disruptive that goes beyond the bounds of these challenges, do not hesitate to surprise us.

Our commitment

  •  A dedicated lead sponsor from ING at senior level that will work closely with you on the design and execution of your Proof of Concept / Proof of Value.
  •  A tailor-made programme focusing on the relevant learnings you need to move forward.
  •  A personalized team of mentors and sponsors from ING and our external partners to support your progress and provide access to the expertise and networks we have available.
  •  A dedicated office space (including internet access, desk & meeting space) close to your ING sponsor for the full duration of the programme as well as a travel & accommodation budget for the international teams.

What is the timeline?


Kick-off online applications

Online application form


Closing date applications

1st contact with ING
Mentor and sponsor matching
Start POC/POV design


Selection of short list


Pitch Day

POC-POV design confirmation and preparation


Kick-off Fintech Village and tailor-made programme

Execute POC/POV


Demo day

Summer 2019

Kick –off post-FinTech Village collaboration

See our cohorts in action & discover their experience

Each startup will be assigned a dedicated team of mentors and sponsors.

  • David Dab
    Benoit Legrand
    Philippe Bergez
    Kevin Johnson
    Olivier de Groote
    Guido Vandervorst
    Rudy Wouters
    Gorkem Koseoglu
ING Belgium

The ING FinTech Village is an initiative powered by ING Belgium in strong collaboration with ING Netherlands , ING Luxembourg, the ING Group and other key partners.

ING Group is a global financial institution that provides a full range of banking services, servicing over 85 million private, corporate and institutional customers in more than 40 countries across the world in Europe, the US, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

ING Has a long-standing history of innovation, including the straightforward, customer-centric approach of ING Direct, among many others.

Core Partners

Inno Tribe



Answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

General overview

How do I apply?

When we are recruiting, there is an “Apply Now” button displayed at the top of the page. This button will direct you to a questionnaire on Finalizing this questionnaire will mean you have officially applied. If you currently do not find this “Apply Now” button at the top of the page, that means we are not recruiting! Would like to get in touch anyway? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

What kinds of startups is FinTech Village targeting?

We are looking for technology-driven startups that offer solutions relevant for financial institutions and/or which can help us provide superior financial services to our customers. Target participants are either startups that are close to the Proof of Concept stage, with the intention that they can conduct a Proof of Concept or pilot with ING and/or FinTech Village Partners to further fine tune their technology ; either scale-ups that are already in the commercial phase but that want to expand into a completely new way for them and learn from a collaboration with a top tier bank such as ING.

How many companies will be selected?

We will host between 7 and 10 startups. The exact number is less important than the qualitative considerations. Our aim is to select great teams with great ideas for whom our programme can make a substantial difference.


The most important criterion for us is your team. To increase your chances of being selected, our best advice is that you build a team with the right mix of experience, skills and mind-set. In addition to that, the sooner you apply, the sooner we can bring you into contact with potential mentors to discuss the potential of a collaboration. We suggest that you make as much progress as possible towards a workable Proof of Concept and/or clearly define a testing or validation objective.


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