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What is ING Lion Travel Stop insurance?

It is a complete travel cancellation insurance policy for you, your friends and family. Both in Belgium and abroad (except for countries at war).

Who is it for?

Any private individual whose residence is in Belgium, or who normally resides in Belgium (at least 180 days per year).

The beneficiaries may be:

  • the policy holder
  • the policy holder's family, that is to say anyone who lives under the same roof as the policy holder
  • single children of the policyholder who, after their parents' divorce, live elsewhere in Belgium but come to visit the policy holder as long as they are dependent on the insured party or divorced partner for tax purposes
  • the insured party's (great) grandchildren or their insured partner, as long as they are accompanying the insured party on their trip or travel
  • any other person accompanying you (temporary policy)


The travel cancellation insurance must be taken out at least 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date or on the day the trip is booked.

The policy may be:

  • Annual:
    • the annual policy takes effect immediately (preferable) or on the date you are selected (which can be the date and time of your taking out the policy at the earliest)
    • The contract’s duration is 1 year after which it will be tacitly renewed each year.
  • Temporary:
    • The temporary contract always provides immediate cover for your trips.
    • The policy ends on the date you selected when you took out the policy (date of return from travel). Your trip cannot last more than 28 days. If it does last more than 28 days, take out an annual policy, which is in many cases more beneficial in terms of premium.
    Please note that trip can only be covered if it is worth is at least 150 euros and lasts at least 3 days.

Do you have to cancel or interrupt your trip?

  • Fill in the statement of claim and send it to the address mentioned.
  • Send us the documentary proof of your costs if you had to cancel your trip, or the documentary proof of your costs for the unused days if you had to interrupt your trip.
  • Bring proof that you fall into one of the cases covered by our travel cancellation insurance policy.

Premium amount

The price of your travel cancellation insurance policy varies according to the choices you make (alone or with a family, Europe or entire world).

Annual insurance – worldwide
You alone EUR 113
You and your family EUR 158
Temporary insurance
In Europe EUR 30 per person
Worldwide EUR 68 per person

Daily tariff - including fees and taxes

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