ING Cash Account Insurance

Discover ING Cash Account Insurance

How can you make sure that your family is saved from a heavy financial burden in the event of your accidental death? Thanks to ING Cash Account Insurance, your heirs or successors will receive compensation equivalent to the balance in your account.

  • Basic cover

    For just 4.80 euros per year, your loved ones will receive a substantial compensation (minimum 3,500 euros, maximum 50,000 euros) in the event of your accidental death.

  • No medical formalities

    You do not have to undergo any medical formalities when applying.

  • Combinable with other insurance

    ING Cash Account Insurance compensation can be combined with other insurance payouts (e.g. life assurance, pension savings, etc.) and can be taken out for each account you hold*.

    * Please note: ING Cash Account Insurance cannot be linked to an ING Lion Account

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