ING Term Death Insurance

Find out about this insurance insured by NN Insurance Belgium nv.

Do you ever wonder how you can prevent your heirs from having to settle the outstanding balance of your loan if you were to die? Find out all about ING Term Death Insurance, the ideal solution for your family.

  • Protect your heirs

    In the event of your death, all or part of the outstanding balance of your loan will be repaid, depending on the insured percentage selected.

  • Flexible premiums

    You can choose between a single premium or regular premiums (annual or monthly).

  • Tax relief

    You can benefit from reduced tax under certain conditions. You will find more information under "tax aspects" below.

A death insurance developed by NN Insurance Belgium nv and subject to Belgian law, linked to the outstanding balance of your loan. For total security, ING recommends every borrower to take up coverage for 100% of the amount of his or her loan. In the event of death, we pay the outstanding balance of your loan in full. Your heirs (for example, your partner or children) therefore do not have to repay or sell your asset (if you opt for 100% cover).

  • Suicide during the first year:
    • Of the contract;
    • After restarting the contract;
    • After increasing the death benefit; in the last case the exclusion only relates to the increased portion of the death benefit.
  • If you as the insured person die during a parachute jump, while hang-gliding or paragliding or while flying an aircraft, then you are not insured.
  • If you as the insured person die while actively participating in an insurrection, riot or violence, then you are not insured.
  • Any private individual who is 18 years of age or older;
  • Who is resident in Belgium or the Netherlands;
  • Who has an instalment loan with ING.

Interested in this insurance policy? Simply subscribe to this insurance at your ING branch.

When taking out your policy you can choose according to your needs:

  • the insured percentage of your installment loan.
  • the payment terms (single premium, annual or monthly premium).
  • you are free to choose the beneficiary/ beneficiaries of your ING Term Death Insurance. If you wnat tax relief on your premiums, the choice of beneficiary/ beneficiaries is subject to legal restrictions. See "tax aspects" for more information.

Your branch can help you to choose the formula that meets your needs best.

  • Payment: you can opt for a single premium (you pay a one-off premium and are insured for the full term of the contract) or periodical premiums (you pay your premiums throughout the term of the loan. The premiums vary year to year). Premiums include taxes and expenses. The tax on the premium is 2% of every paid premium. If you pay a single or annual premium, no instalment charges are levied. You can also decide to pay your premiums monthly (4% instalment fee).
  • Decision: the final premiums are set after a risk assessment and are confirmed in the contract. The rate is determined on the basis of various criteria (see segmentation policy).
  • Rate: the rate applies for a period of 3 years from the start date of the policy, subject to statutory amendments.
  • Duration: the period of your contract is the same as the term of your instalment loan.
  • End of your contract:
    • If you are still living: your contract ends automatically when your instalment loan has been repaid in full.
    • In the event of your death: the insured percentage of the outstanding balance of your instalment loan will be repaid.

There are multiple criteria that play a role in determining whether we are prepared to insure a particular risk, what we are prepared to insure it against, and what the premium will be. These criteria serve as Acceptance Criteria (AC), Pricing Criteria (PC) and Extended Guarantee Criteria (GC). Based on these segmentation criteria, we try to find a balance between the premium you pay and the loss or damage we anticipate. The segmentation criteria are objective criteria that can influence the probability or extent of loss or damage.

Acceptance Criteria (AC)

Pricing Criteria (PC)

Extended Guarantee Criteria (GC)

Insured Capital

Duration of the contract

Financial acceptance

Health condition


Smoking behaviour

Profession and sport(s)

Travel risk factor

Please find below an explanation of the applicable segmentation criteria.

  • The insured capital (AC, PC): The insured capital has an impact on the amount of the premium, as it is directly linked to the risk to be insured.
  • The duration of the contract (AC, PC): The duration of the contract may have an impact on the amount insured, and may therefore influence the amount of the premium.
  • The financial acceptance (AC): If the total capital amount insured by NN Insurance Belgium SA/NV exceeds €1 million, the insurance company NN Insurance Belgium SA/NV will assess your financial situation.
  • Your health condition (AC, PC, GC): The insurance company will make enquiries into your health through a questionnaire or by performing a medical examination. If, at the time you take out the contract, you are aware of any health problems which affect your risk of premature death, the insurance company will take these into account. If after carrying out the questionnaire or medical exam we are still unable to establish a sufficiently clear picture of your health, we may ask you to answer additional questions, or to provide us with further information.
  • Your Age (AC, PC): Your age is an important factor when you take out life insurance, because, statistically, the probability of death increases with age.
  • Your smoking behaviour (PC): Smoking seriously damages your health and increases the risk of mortality. Therefore, we need to know if you smoke.
  • Profession and sport(s) (AC, PC, GC): Your profession and any sport(s) you practice may be considered to be more or less dangerous and consequently, have an influence on your risk of being killed and/or your life expectancy.
  • Whether you go abroad for extended periods (AC, PC, GC): Depending on the duration and destination, a holiday in a foreign country may have an influence on the condition of your health, your risk of being killed and/or your life expectancy.

ING Term Death Insurance is offered to you subject to acceptance by ING BelgiumSA/nv, an insurance broker registered with the FSMA under number 0403.200.393, NN Insurance Belgium nv (insurance company), an insurance company licensed by the NBB under number 2550.

Read the General Terms and Conditions (pdf) and the financial information sheet (pdf) for all coverage and exclusions.

You will find further important information here:

  • Insurance intermediary: ING Belgium SA/nv, an insurance broker registered with the FSMA under code number 0403.200.393 Registered office: Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, B-1000 Brussels - Brussels Register of Companies - VAT BE0403.200.393 - - BIC: BBRUBEBB – IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789.
  • Insurance company: NN Insurance Belgium SA/nv, an insurance company licensed by the NBB under number 2550 for Classes 1a, 2, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26. Registered office: Avenue Fonsny/Fonsnylaan 38, B-1060 Brussels – Brussels Register of Companies – VAT BE 0890.270.057. BIC BBRUBEBB – IBAN BE28 3100 7627 4220