Family insurance

Protect yourself against damage accidentally caused to third parties

Imagine: you accidentally knock the side mirror off a parked car as you cycle past it; your daughter breaks your neighbour's antique vase; or your dog escapes and causes a car accident… None of these examples involve deliberate harm, but you are still liable for the damages. Fortunately, ING Family Insurance covers your personal liability, saving you from having to bear the financial consequences of such unforeseen events.

  • For every family situation

    Whether you are single, cohabiting or married, with or without kids and with or without pets… ING Family Insurance is there for everyone!

  • Simple, quick and online

    You have the option of taking out this insurance online from start to finish. All you have to do is answer a few straightforward questions.

  • Complete peace of mind for less than 7 euros per month

    The price you pay is tiny compared to the protection offered by this insurance.

  • Switch easily

    If you are already insured, but would like to change, ING can help you switch to ING Family Insurance free of charge and with zero fuss.

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