Fire insurance for tenants

ING Property Insurance with the insurer: NN Non-Life Insurance SA

Do you rent? It’s essential to insure your civil liability and protect your belongings. Take out this fire insurance for tenants now !

  • Also short stay

    Are you going on holiday and/or do you rent a student house for your children? You don't have to worry about damage to these temporarily rented accommodations either.

  • Moving expenses

    Has your rental contract been terminated prematurely by the owners because they want to move into the house themselves? No panic. In that case, we will simply reimburse you for the relocation costs.

  • 24-hour Assistance

    Our staff are available day and night to advise and assist you. Our clients choose us for the high quality support and claim handling we guarantee when covered damage occurs.

The ING Property Insurance for tenants is a comprehensive non-life insurance for your private home, subject to Belgian law and developed by NN Non-Life Insurance SA, a Dutch company, with attractive premiums and tailor-made cover. You will no doubt have already heard of "tenant liability", which means your liability as a tenant.

ING Property Insurance for tenants indemnifies the owner for any damage you accidentally cause to the property they are renting to you. Did you also cause damage to the neighbours' house? In this case, these costs will also be refunded.

Basic cover

  • Tenant liability: your liability for material damage caused to the property you are renting (compulsory if Contents cover is not selected) and your liability for covered damage caused to third parties by the property you are renting in the event of: fire, smoke and soot damage, lightning damage, electrical damage, glass breakage and broken/cracked sanitary facilities, storm or hail, water infiltration, broken or leaking pipes, fuel oil, natural disasters, fire damage to parked vehicles, first assistance for faulty installation (water, electricity, heating), costs of searching for a missing child, home civil liability, costs incurred by you as a tenant in the event of the early termination of the rental agreement by the owner.
  • Post-damage assistance : day and night, even weekends.

This basic cover may be extended by additional options.


  • Contents: covers some damage caused to your contents (furniture, television, etc.), for example, as a result of a fire or water damage.
  • Theft: can only be subscribed if the contents are insured. Theft insurance covers damage to or loss of your content as a result of a break-in or attempted break-in.
  • Garden cover including damage to swimming pools and soil decontamination.
  • Legal protection: the costs of defending your interests, such as lawyer’s fees or court costs.
  • ING Family Insurance: covers damage that you (and/or your cohabitants) cause to other people and for which you are liable. And it also works the other way around.
  • covers damage that you (and/or your cohabitants) cause to others and for which you are liable.
  • cover for you or your cohabiting partner due to moving to a care facility.
  • extended cover for insured claims: Up to €25,000 is covered for damage incurred by anyone attempting to protect you or your property. There is no excess in this case. Your civil liability as the parent of your minor children insured under this policy remains covered, regardless of the nature of their fault.

Here are a few examples


  • Caravans, houseboats and chalets (considered as second homes or rented for recreational purposes) are not insured.
  • Contractual liability.
  • Contractual legal protection.
  • Damage to the roof and visible drainage pipes in the event of damage caused by water infiltration through the roof, roof gutters and drainage pipes is not covered.
  • ING Family Insurance (option):
  • Damage caused by an insured person in the course of a professional activity
  • Damage to property or animals in your custody
  • Personal liability for damage caused intentionally by an insured adult
  • your contractual liability. We do not intervene, for example, for damage to equipment you borrowed from a hire company or a friend. The exception to this rule is damage you cause during a stay in a hotel or other accommodation with hotel service, even if you are staying there for business purposes.
  • Liability for which the legislation specifies an obligation to take out insurance, for example in connection with hunting or using motor vehicles, unless otherwise stated in the General Terms and Conditions.

Limits on cover:

  • For material damage under €10,000, an excess of €250 applies. This €250 is deducted from your compensation covering the damage.
  • Properties in which a professional activity is carried out, subject to the exceptions listed in the General Terms and Conditions.
  • In the event of a dispute in which you suffer damage, the legal protection cover does not apply if the value of the damage is under €200.
  • Theft insurance applies only if you regularly occupy the property (at the time of the damage, the property was not unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive nights).
  • Theft insurance applies only if the outside doors and windows were locked if you were absent. The presence and use of an alarm system is sometimes mandatory!
  • Specific compensation restrictions may also apply to each cover. The maximum compensation for securities is €1,720.
  • ING Family Insurance (option):
  • For material damage under €10,000, an excess of €250 applies (not index-linked)!
  • The policyholder and the people living under the same roof as the policyholder, even if they are temporarily staying elsewhere, cannot receive any compensation from the family insurance policy unless the General Terms and Conditions explicitly state this.

Any ING customer who is the tenant of a house or apartment for private use located in Belgium.

1. Calculate your price at ing.be, Home’Bank, by calling +32 2 464 60 04 or at your ING branch.

2. Interested? Confirm your application.

3. You will then receive all the necessary documents by post or e-mail.

Do you already have fire insurance, but would like to switch to ING Property Insurance for tenants, developed by NN Non-Life Insurance SA? We will take care of this for you free of charge! All you need to do is provide us with the following information at least three months before your current policy expires:

  • expiry date of your current policy,
  • name of your current insurance company and policy number.

The price you pay for ING Property Insurance is calculated based on:

  • the property you are renting: is it a house or an apartment? How many rooms does it have?
  • your profile: do you have a high-value collection or expensive sports equipment? And would you like to insure that as well? Choose the value for which you want to insure your contents and what it will cost you.
  • your options: are you insuring your property, contents or both? Would you like to include additional insurance? You pay your tenant insurance once a year by transfer or direct debit. Have you chosen direct debit? If so, you can pay in monthly instalments at no extra cost.

What factors determine whether you can be insured? What exactly is covered by this insurance? What does it cost? You will find this information in our segmentation policy.

About the insurance policy term: the term of your ING Property Insurance policy is one year. Your policy is automatically renewed every year on the expiry date, unless you provide notice of termination at least three months prior to the expiry date.

Managingur insurance policy is child's play at ING. You can choose the method that suits you best.

In most cases, policy changes can be made using the dynamic PDF forms available in Home'Bank; however, some changes will have to be made by contacting the insurer NN directly by telephone.

You can also call the NN team on ING number +32 2 464 60 04 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.). The desired changes to your policy will be recorded immediately. In addition, you will always receive written confirmation to your legal address.

ING Property Insurance is offered to you, subject to acceptance, by:

Insurance intermediary: ING Belgium SA, insurance broker, registered with the FSMA under code number 0403200393. Registered office: Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, 1000 Brussels – Brussels Trade Register – VAT BE 0403 200 393 – info@ing.be – www.ing.be – BIC: BBRUBEBB - IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789

Insurer: NN Non-Life Insurance NV, a company incorporated under Dutch law authorised to insure risks in Belgium, insurance company registered in Belgium under green card code number 1449. Registered office: Prinses Beatrixlaan 35, 2595 AK The Hague, The Netherlands – Trade Register number 27127537, supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank.

Representative in Belgium: NN Insurance Services Belgium SA/NV, responsible, among other things, for settling claims for NN Non-Life Insurance SA/NV in Belgium, insurance broker registered with the FSMA under code number 0890270750. Registered office: Avenue Fonsny 38, B-1060 Brussels, Belgium – Brussels Trade Register – VAT BE 0890 270 750.

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