23 July 2020

Coronavirus: FAQ of travel insurances

The current corona crisis is thoroughly disrupting many travel plans and trajectories. What if you are about to travel abroad? And what if you are already on site? Time to answer some frequently asked questions per insurance product.

The insurer always relies on the travel advice issued by the FPS Foreign Affairs whether to intervene or not. Trips abroad booked after travel restrictions were imposed, will not be covered since this information was known.

In addition, from now on there are additional provisions indicated by colour codes for specific zones. These colour provisions complement and do not replace other measures such as the negative travel advice. For example, tourism outside the European Union is still largely prohibited.

Colour codes:

  • Red means that you are not allowed to travel to a country or region. If you return from a "red" area, you must undergo compulsory testing and go into quarantine for at least 14 days.
  • Orange means that travel is strongly discouraged, but not prohibited. You will be asked to go into quarantine when you return, but that is not mandatory either.
  • Green means that you are free to leave and return.

Please note that you can open a claim for any of the insurance products by sending the required pieces of evidence mentioned on the claim form.

General information

  • Declaration of damage for travel assistance insurance? Call ING Assist'Line immediately on +32 2 550 06 00. Our staff is available 24/7.
  • Would you like to file a claim for travel cancellation insurance (ING Lion Travel Stop)? Fill in this form.