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ING Lion Assistance provided by Inter Partner Assistance NV

Have a great time and travel with an easy mind with a solid travel insurance. Available 100% on line in just 5 minutes. Opt for the annual ING Lion Assistance policy.

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    Take out your policy 100% online in a few clicks. You will be covered immediately after your payment is received.

  • Starting from €48

    Adapt the travel insurance to your needs and benefit from tailored premiums starting from €48 per year.

  • 24/7 assistance

    Ring our assistance partner 24/7 in case of an emergency.

  • Opt. cancellation

    Add the cancellation option to ensure you are covered against the risk of having to cancel or interrupt your trips due to unforeseen events (such as mandatory quarantine in case of a pandemic outbreak).

Travel/breakdown assistance that does not include life insurance, which was developed by Inter Partner Assistance SA and which is subject to Belgian law, for you, your family, your home, and even your pet. In Belgium and abroad (except in war zones, see below for more information).

  • Assistance to insured persons in the event of illness, injury or death abroad.
  • Assistance during your trips abroad if a problem arises. (e.g.: lost luggage, flight delays, …).
  • Assistance at home if for example your keys get lost or are stolen or in the event of a serious accident at home.
  • Legal assistance abroad: Bail advance payment (max. €12,500) and legal fees (max. €1,250).
  • Assistance for vehicles in Belgium and abroad
  • Cancellation insurance that covers expenses incurred from cancelling your trip or expenses for that part of the trip not carried out and repatriation of travellers if the trip is interrupted. This insurance also includes: cancellation or interruption due to a mandatory quarantine following the outbreak of a disease officially acknowledged by the government as being a pandemic.

For the full list of coverages, please consult the information document of the insurance product or general terms and conditions before subscribing this policy.

  • Trips abroad of +90 days.
  • Events caused by a deliberate act, suicide or gross negligence by the insured party.
  • Minor ailments or injuries that do not prevent the insured party from continuing their trip.
  • Trips that were booked before the date the cancellation insurance was taken out and the departure date of which is less than 30 days from the insurance subscription date.
  • Business travel.
  • Trips in Belgium lasting less than three days

Please read the full list of exclusions and restrictions in the ING Lion Assistance policy and its options. This can be found in the information document of the insurance product or general terms and conditions before subscribing this policy.

Any natural adult person, whether an ING customer or not, whose place of residence is in Belgium or who usually resides in Belgium (at least 180 days a year).

  1. The policyholder
  2. If the family option has been chosen: 
  • The family of the policyholder (any person living under the same roof).
  • The unmarried children of the policyholder who, following the divorce of their parents, live elsewhere in Belgium but come to visit the policyholder as long as they are fiscally or financially dependent on the policyholder or his divorced spouse.
  • For one person: 48 euros per year
  • For one person and the family: 66 euros per year
  • For one person and one car: 178 euros per year
  • For one person, the family and one car: 196 euros per year
  • For one person : 95 euros per year
  • For one person and the family: 140 euros per year
  • The travel assistance comes into force on the date of your choice. The earliest option is at the date and time that you take out the insurance.

ING Lion Assistance is an insurance policy offered subject to approval by:

  • Insurance agent: ING Belgium SA/nv, an insurance broker, registered with the FSMA under the code number 0403200393. Registered office: avenue Marnix 24, B-1000 Brussels – Brussels RPM/RPR – VAT BE 0403.200.393. Phone + 32 2 547 21 11 – - - RPM Bruxelles – BIC: BBRUBEBB – IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789.
  • Insurer: Inter Partner Assistance SA/nv, an insurance company approved under the code number 0487. Registered office: Boulevard du Régent 7, 1000 Brussels RPM/RPR - VAT BE 0415.591.055. Phone +32 2 550 04 00 – BIC: BBRUBEBB – IBAN: BE66 3630 8057 8243.

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