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ING Car Insurance

How to insure your car? | Insurer: NN Non-Life Insurance NV

Want to insure your private vehicle? Take out ING Car Insurance now and get 2 months free as well as a reduction of 400 euros on your deductible!

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We will deduct 2 months* (which is equivalent to a discount of 16,7%) from your first annual premium. In addition, in the event of an accident within the first year of your insurance, you will benefit from a reduction of 400 euros on your deductible**.

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  • Mileage discount

    Drive less than 10.000 km per year? Then enjoy a lower premium.

  • Carefree driving

    • Our partner NN Non-Life Insurance NV has 175 years' experience providing claims services.
    • Take advantage of our massive network of service garages, get a free replacement car, pay no excess on broken glass, and enjoy a two-year warranty on repairs.
    • Get peace of mind with 24/7 assistance in Belgium.
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ING Car Insurance is a comprehensive car insurance policy (non-life) governed by Belgian law and developed by NN Non-Life Insurance NV, a company incorporated under Dutch law, for your private car.


Civil liability

BA + Mini-comprehensive

BA + Fully comprehensive

Compulsary third-party insurance




Damage to third parties

Service in the event of damage caused by an accident in Belgium

Glass breakage

Fire (explosion, short circuit, lightning strike)

Damage by nature

Damage caused by direct contact with animals

Burglary, car theft

Material damage to your own car and vandalism

You can also choose to extend your car insurance with any of the following extra cover options

·        Breakdown assistance in Belgium and abroad

·        Legal assistance

·        Driver insurance

·        Premium protection after claim

See more details and examples of what’s covered

Exclusions and limitations of this insurance policy

·        Not for professional use

·        In order to benefit from the agreed cover, you must correctly state who the usual driver of the vehicle is

·        Medical costs are only covered if you have driver insurance

·        Damage to your own car caused by you is only covered by comprehensive insurance .

A full description of this insurance can be found in the general terms and conditions (PDF) and the information document on the insurance product (PDF). Please read these documents before you subscribe.

  • Online via Home'Bank
  • At an ING branch


You’ll benefit from a tailor-made rate. Find out more about the segmentation policy.


The term of your contract will be one year. The policy is automatically extended for a further period of one year on each annual due date, unless you cancel the insurance no later than three months before the expiry date.

Do you have any comments or complaints?

Not entirely satisfied with the distribution of this product?

Contact ING online via

Call ING on +32 464 60 01

Not entirely satisfied with the distribution of this product?

Contact ING online via

Call ING on +32 464 60 01

You can also send your complaint by post to NN Complaint Management, NN Non-Life Insurance, PB 80100, 1070 Brussels.

Not satisfied with our response to your complaint about the distribution of this product?

You can also contact the Insurance Ombudsman, Square de Meeûs/de Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium - Tel.: + 32 2 547 58 71 - Fax: + 32 2 547 59 75 - -

About insurance and conflicts of interest: you can read the general information about the insurance policies and the description of the conflict of interest policy, including the benefits, of ING Belgium SA/nv and of the insurer. This information can always be consulted at > Charges and regulations > Information and regulations > Insurance.

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First read this page carefully, then you can Calculate your rate

*Promotion valid for any new ING Car Insurance agreement with an annual premium (without any obligation to take out an ING car loan or to purchase any other financial service from ING) between 03/01/2022 and 13/02/2022 included, using promotional code CAR2022, subject to acceptance of your application by the insurer and mutual agreement. The discount cannot be combined with any other discounts and will be immediately set off against your premium. The "two months free" offer is valid on the first annual premium, with monthly or annual payments, which corresponds to a discount of 16.7%. It is also valid in any ING branches. Before you sign, consult the conditions and exclusions in the general terms and conditions and information brochure available at and at all ING branches.

** Offer valid for any subscription to a new annual ING Auto Insurance contract (including full omnium coverage) between 03/01/2022 and 02/13/2022, with promo code CAR2022. Subject to acceptance of the file by the insurer and by mutual agreement. The discount offer is valid for the first year of the contract. It corresponds to a reduction of 400 euros on the deductible, in the event of any damage within the full omnium cover, during the first year of insurance. Here is how the deductible reduction is implemented:

  • customer with new car contract + full omnium - deductible of 400 euros -> will pay 0 euro deductible in the event of a claim during the first year as part of the full omnium cover
  • customer with new car contract + full omnium - deductible of 800 euros -> will pay 400 euros deductible in the event of a claim in the first year as part of full omnium coverage
  • customer with new car contract + full omnium - deductible of 1,200 euros -> will pay a deductible of 800 euros in the event of a claim during the first year as part of full omnium coverage

ING Car Insurance is offered to you, subject to acceptance, by:

  • Insurance intermediary: ING Belgium SA/NV, an insurance broker registered with the FSMA under number 0403200393. Registered office: Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, B-1000 Brussels – Brussels RPM/RPR – VAT BE 0403.200.393 – – BIC: BBRUBEBB – IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789
  • Insurer: NN Non-Life Insurance NV, company incorporated under Dutch law, licensed to insure risks in Belgium, insurance company registered under the green card code number 1449. Registered office: Prinses Beatrixlaan 35, 2595 AK The Hague, Netherlands – Trade register number 27127537, under the supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank.
  • Representative in Belgium: NN Insurance Services Belgium SA/NV, authorised among other things to settle claims in Belgium for NN Non-Life Insurance NV, insurance agent registered with the FSMA under number 0890270750. Registered office: Avenue Fonsny/Fonsnylaan 38, 1060 Brussels, Belgium – Brussels RPM/RPR – VAT BE 0890.270.750