Home insurance for tenants

ING Home & Family Insurance by: NN Non-Life Insurance sa/nv.

Damage can be caused suddenly. Are you the tenant of a house or apartment and would you like to be protected? If any damage occurs, you will have to indemnify the owner. It is at times like these you will be relieved to have home insurance, also known as fire insurance.

  • Tailored to tenants

    The price is calculated according to the surface area of your property. You can also choose additional coverage (content, theft and family insurance).

  • Simple, quick and online

    You are insured immediately after payment. 

  • 24-hour Assistance

    Our staff is available day and night to advise and assist you.

  • Fair price

    Enjoy a personalized price. The calculated premium online is the same as in your ING Branch!

It is a comprehensive non-life insurance for your private home, subject to Belgian law and developed by NN Non-Life Insurance SA, a Dutch company, with attractive premiums and tailor-made cover.

You will no doubt have already heard of "tenant liability", which means your liability as a tenant. ING Home Insurance for tenants indemnifies the owner for any damage you accidentally cause to the property you are renting. And if the damage covered by the insurance also causes damage to your neighbours' property, these costs will also be refunded.

Basic cover:

  • Tenant liability: your liability for material damage covered, caused to the property you are renting, and your liability for damage covered, caused to third parties by the property you are renting.
  • Legal protection: the costs of defending your interests, such as lawyer’s fees or court costs
  • Post-damage assistance day and night, even weekends 

This basic cover may be extended by additional options.


  • Contents: covers some damage caused to your contents (furniture, television, etc.), for example, as a result of a fire or water damage.
  • Theft: only if the contents are insured,

What are the main exclusions and restrictions of this insurance?

Here are a few examples:

  • Caravans and houseboats are not insured (as homes)
  • Contractual liability. For example, the family insurance does not cover damage to items you have rented from a rental company or have borrowed from a friend.
  • Contractual legal assistance
  • Damage to roof and visible drainpipes in case of damage by water infiltration through roof, gutters and drainpipes is not insured.
  • For material damage below € 10,000, an exemption of € 250, applies (not indexed)
  • Homes in which a professional activity is exercised are not insured, subject to exceptions that are listed in the general terms and conditions.
  • You are not insured by the legal assistance insurance in the case of a dispute where your loss does not exceed € 200.
  • The Theft insurance only applies if you live at the property on a regular basis (that the property was not uninhabited for more than 60 consecutive nights immediately preceding the moment that the damage occurred).
  • The theft insurance only applies if outside doors and windows are shut and locked when the property is vacant. An alarm system is sometimes required to be installed and in use.
  • Specific indemnity limitations may also apply for each cover. Thus, the maximum payment for valuables is € 1,602

All tenants of a house or apartment for private use.

  1. Calculate your premium at ing.be, Home’Bank, by calling +32 2 464 60 04 or at your ING Branch.
  2. Interested? Confirm your application.
  3. You will then receive all the necessary documents by post or email.

Do you already have fire insurance, but would like to switch to ING Home & Family Insurance for tenants, developed by NN Non-Life Insurance SA? We will take care of this for you at no cost! All you need to do is provide us with the following information at least three months before your current policy expires:

  • Expiry date of your current policy
  • Name of your current insurance company and policy number

With our home insurance, managing your policy has never been so easy.

Need to make changes or cancel your policy?

  • You can do so online via Home'Bank.
  • By telephone: contact ING on +32 2 464 60 04 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
  • In person at an ING Branch

About the cost of the insurance policy : the cost of ING Home Insurance is fully tailored to

  • The property you are renting: is it a house or an apartment? What is the surface area and how many rooms are there?
  • Your profile: do you have a high-value collection or expensive sports equipment? And would you like to insure that as well? Choose the value for which you want to insure your contents and what it will cost you.
  • Your options: are you insuring your property, contents or both? Would you like to include additional coverages?

You pay your tenant insurance once a year by transfer or direct debit. Have you chosen direct debit? If so, you can pay in monthly instalments at no extra cost.

About the insurance policy term: the term of your ING Home Insurance policy is one year. Your policy is automatically renewed every year on the expiry date unless you provide notice of termination at least three months prior to the end date.