16 April 2018

Are you covered in the event of theft or vandalism? Check your insurance!

A break-in occurs on average 200 times per day in Belgium. Which is why insuring your contents against theft and wilful damage is highly recommended.

For how much are you insured?

For the premium in this simulation the contents are insured against theft for a maximum of 10 times the limit chosen per item for the basic contents option (including jewellery and valuables), i.e. 36,964.29 euros at Abex* 690.

What are the terms and conditions?

You can only take out this optional cover if:

  • the insured property is inhabited on a regular basis. In other words, in the 12 months prior to the theft the property may not have been uninhabited for more than 90 nights, more than 60 of which consecutively.
  • the property has not been burgled more than once over the past 3 years; if a theft was committed over the past 3 years, you must complete a questionnaire to allow the insurer to assess the application.

All outside doors must be fitted with safety locks, i.e. a cylinder lock with a door plate or rosette (not a padlock). When absent or at night, the locks must always be locked with the key.

How do you qualify for a discount on your premiums?

A 20% discount is granted on the premium for the theft and vandalism option. To actually receive this discount, the building must be equipped with an alarm system recognised by the BVVO or INCERT, with a maintenance contract and certificate of conformity.

This discount is also granted if the following conditions are met:

  • all outside doors in solid wood, metal or PVC are secured as follows:
    • in the case of swinging doors:
      • a system which blocks the wheels in their rail
      • a (horizontal or vertical) lock with two points of anchorage
      • two safety locks
      • remote control.
    • in the case of sliding doors:
      • a safety lock in addition to the lock system
      • remote control.
  • all glass sections (doors/windows), accessible without a ladder, are:
    • double-glazed
    • have shutters with inside locks
    • wrought-iron gratings are fixed in the brickwork (windows) or to their support (doors).
  • all cellar windows are equipped with:
    • a tight chain
    • a security bar with a padlock.

* The Building Price Index compiled by the Belgian Association of Experts every 6 months.