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ING 2 in 1 Motorbike and Car Insurance

Choose this single insurance policy for both your vehicles

A car for convenience, a motorbike for fun... ING has developed a single insurance policy for both your vehicles. A single policy instead of two: the savings are obvious.

  • 3 options to choose from

    For just your motorbike, for your family car and motorbike, or for your company/leased car and motorbike.

  • Attractive premiums

    Call +32 2 464 65 04 for a price. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

  • Comprehensive cover

    Full benefits for all scenarios. Even your helmet and motorbike clothing can be insured.

  • Rapid assistance 24 hours a day

    You can ask for assistance any time, 7 days a week on +32 2 550 06 00.

  • No charge for instalment payments

    The premium can be paid in instalments at no extra charge. Quarterly, twice-yearly or yearly.

A complete non-life insurance with 3 options:

  • for your motorbike only
  • for your private car and your motorbike
  • for your company or leasing car and your motorbike.

It offers complete cover at a competitive price.

For details about the insurers please read the Legal information.

Any person aged at least 18 and having a legal address in Belgium. The vehicle(s) to be insured must be registered in Belgium.

  • If you have a personal car and a motorbike choose the 6-wheel option
  • If you only have a motorbike choose the 2-wheel option.
  • If you have a company/leased car and a motorbike choose the company car option.
  • Request ING 2 in 1 Motorbike and Car Insurance:

    • Obtain a quote by calling +32 2 464 65 04.
    • Satisfied with our offer? After we have accepted your application you will receive by email general and specific terms and conditions as well as your policy, which you simply sign and return.
  • Cancelling a current insurance policy or policies with another insurer:

    • Apply for ING 2 in 1 Motorbike and Car Insurance now and ING will take care of the transfer free of charge! Make sure you have the following information close to hand:
      • the name of your current insurance company
      • your policy number
      • the main renewal date of your current policy.
    • Alternatively you can contact your current insurer yourself at least 3 months before the main renewal date of your current policy.

Call us on +32 2 464 65 04 or send an email to explaining that you wish to change your insurance policy. Any requested changes to your policy will always be confirmed in writing.

Go to Frequently Asked Questions.

This cover applies to both your motorbike and your personal car or company/leased car.

  • Civil liability (mandatory): cover required by law that compensates injury caused to third parties. This cover is supplemented with our unique Aon Affinity Assistance which, after an accident*, will cover towing and repatriation of passengers and make a replacement car available to ensure your mobility the first few days after the accident.
  • Legal assistance: in the event of litigation following an accident, you can appoint a barrister of your choice to handle your defence. This insurance also covers the barrister's costs and fees.
  • Assistance and breakdown cover: offers full assistance after an accident or breakdown of the insured vehicle, both in Belgium and abroad, while assuring mobility for the passengers of the immobilised vehicle. Worldwide cover for assistance to persons and travel assistance are also included.

* The insured vehicle is involved in an accident in Belgium or within 50 km of the Belgian borders.

You can also choose additional cover:

  • Motorbike driver: in the event of an accident with the specified vehicle, the driver named in the contract is covered for the following amounts:
    • permanent disability: at least €15,000 (this amount can be higher depending on the degree of disability - see General Conditions (PDF - FR)).
    • death: €7,500
    • hospital expenses: €2,500
  • Car driver: cover of the driver's costs following an at-fault accident:
    • medical costs, in addition to the mutual society's intervention.
    • hospitalisation, also in addition to the mutual society's intervention
    • incapacity to work or disability.

These costs are covered under the rules of ordinary law, in other words as if the compensation were paid by the person responsible for the accident.

More information about basic cover.

  • Premium: You get a tailor-made rate. Call us on +32 2 464 65 04 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays to obtain a price for the vehicles you wish to insure. You will find here more information about the segmentation policy.
  • Term: the policy has a term of one year. The agreement is automatically extended for a new period of one year on each annual due date, unless you give notice of cancellation no later than three months before the expiry date.

ING Belgium nv, insurance broker registered with the FSMA under number 12381A . Registered office: Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, 1000 Brussels – RPR Brussels – VAT BE 0403.200.393 – – BIC: BBRUBEBB – IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789.

Aon Belgium bvba, insurance broker registered with the FSMA under number 013982A-R. Registered office: Telecomlaan 5-7, 1831 Diegem – RPR Brussels – VAT BE0426.531.863 –


  • Regarding the guarantees Civil Liability, (mini)Casco and Driver: Amlin Insurance SE

    • Registered office: Van Heuven Goedhartlaan 939, 1181 LD Amstelveen (The Netherlands),
    • Belgian subsidiary: Bld du Roi Albert II/Koning Albert II-laan 9, Brussels.

    Insurance company registered with the FSMA under number 2943.

  • Regarding the guarantee Assistance: IMA ASSURANCES, 118, Avenue de Paris à 79000 Niort (France).

    • Claims handling “Accident Assistance” is handled by IMA BENELUX, registered office Business Centre Zénobe Gramme, building 11/12, square des Conduites d’Eau, 4020 Liège.
    • Risk carrier: IMA ASSURANCES, 118, Avenue de Paris, F-79000 Niort (France), limited company with a capital of €5,000,000 located at 118, Avenue de Paris, F-790000 Niort.
  • Regarding the guarantee Legal Defence:

    • ARAG SA, 5, Place du Champ de Mars, 1050 Brussels. Insurance company registered with the FSMA under number 0445.
    • Claims Legal Defence is handled by ARAG, which operates entirely independently and is specialized in the treatment of these disputes.

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