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Government Savings Certificate

Invest money without risk by means of a fixed, guaranteed return

With a Government Savings Certificate issued by Belgium, you are investing your money securely with a fixed return guaranteed by the Belgian state. And you can also access your capital at any time.

  • Fixed return

    You know in advance what the yield on your certificate will be.

  • Easy to sell

    You can sell your Government Savings Certificate on the secondary market at any time. Its value may fluctuate, favourably or unfavourably, due to various factors.

  • Invest without risk

    Your investment is guaranteed by the state, (only at maturity) so you are choosing a secure way to save.

When you choose Government Savings Certificates, you are opting for the guarantee of a fixed, guaranteed return and the option to access your capital at any time.

They are fixed-yield securities with an annual coupon, issued by the Belgian state in euros for non-professional investors. They are issued on the primary market 4 times a year (March, June, September and December) and the security is quoted on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

ING Belgium is one of the investment institutions authorised by the Ministry of Finance.

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