28 May 2018

Meticulously selected with the utmost care!

Looking to invest in high-quality investment funds? ING helps you with a strict and objectively selection of funds from 5 renowned partner firms.

Our selection process
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  • Partnership with 5 preeminent investment companies

    We select funds from our 5 highly reputable investment partners: Amundi, Axa Investment Managers, BlackRock, Franklin Templeton Investments and NN Investment Partners. Our partners are chosen for their size, their stability but also for the diversity of the investment options they offer and the strength of their presence in Belgium.

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  • A strict selection of high-quality funds

    We apply a strict and objective methodology when selecting funds from these 5 partner firms. Why? In order to choose the best funds for every investment category. Our specialists constantly analyse the performance and risk profile of each fund, taking into account its Morningstar* rating, which is in turn based on an evaluation of past performances.

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  • A range of funds that fit our current investment

    Would you like to stay on top of the latest developments? Every month, we select a number of investment funds that best reflect ING’s current investment strategy; a strategy which is based on analyses performed by our in-house economists. This selection represents our investment funds.

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