Investment funds

After a good discussion with one of our experts, you will find together the funds that suit you best.

A strong selection of quality investment funds*

We only select top-quality funds* from the range on offer at 5 renowned, independent investment management firms. In so doing, we apply a number of strict and objective criteria. Why? To ensure the best possible selection of funds* representing each investment category.

Our specialists constantly analyse the performance and risks of each individual fund*, while also taking into account the economic landscape and the Morningstar** rating of each fund*, an independently assigned rating based on past performance. Each and every investment subfund* offered by ING is selected in this manner. Our strategy is also updated every month according to the current economic situation. You can follow the evolution of ING’s investment strategy at all times.

Our subfunds

See below for an overview of the subfunds* currently on offer from ING. Depending on your investor profile, you can invest in mixed funds (shares and bonds), share funds (only shares) and/or bond funds (only bonds). Our funds* are meticulously selected according to the following criteria: the expertise of the fund* manager, the fund’s* performance, risk and degree of diversification.

Before investing, please ensure you have read and understood the KIID (Key Investor Information Document) and prospectus for your chosen mutual sub-fund(s)*. This information is readily available on the ING website or from your branch, free of charge, together with further documentation and the latest periodic reports. These documents are available in French, Dutch and English.

More info?

Do you want personalised advice in choosing an investment fund? Our experts are at your disposal. Make an appointment and discover together with them which funds best match your investor profile.