Invest yourself

ING Invest Account

Cash Account

The ING Invest Account is a cash account which allows you to keep cash for your investments and savings separate from the cash used for your payments. It can be opened through Home’Bank or at your branch, either in euros or another currency.

  • Investments

    This account can be linked to a securities portfolio and be used to receive cash related to your investments, such as the payment of dividends. For this, make an appointment at the ING branch of your choice. The ING Invest Account can also be linked to a term account at ING.

  • Transactions

    Debit transactions from the ING Invest Account can only be executed to ING accounts also held by you. You can also transfer money from your ING Invest Account within the scope of your investments and/or term account held at ING.

  • Management 24/7

    You can check out your account balance on the ING Banking app, Home'Bank or on your account statements. And that, whenever you want!

How do you get started

  1. Sign into your Home'Bank

    If you already are an ING customer, use your ING card reader or the itsme® app

  2. Request your ING Invest Account

    Confirm your data

  3. Confirm your request

    Check the summary of your request and sign

First read this page carefully, then you can Open this account via Home'Bank