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Safe and easy online investing

With ING Self Invest you can invest securely online anytime, anywhere, with access to up-to-date and clear investment information from our experts, and at a competitive rate (even for small amounts!). Because investing is for everyone!

  • Invest on your own

    The new ING Investing app and Home'Bank give you access to a worldwide range of shares, funds, bonds and trackers.

  • Competitive rates

    Trade at an advantageous rate, even for small amounts!

    For example: A share purchase of AB Inbev for €100, will only cost you €1 in commission. Read more about all rates below.

  • Real-time quotes

    You have free access to the most up-to-date price information for US and Euronext. All that with Home'Bank and the ING Investing app!

  • Expertise

    Our experts continuously monitor market developments. They share their analyses and insights via newsletters and webinars to inspire you and give you the confidence to act by yourself.

  • Anytime, anywhere

    With the ING Investing app at your fingertips, you can trade wherever and whenever you want with total security.

To make investing in the stock market really accessible for everyone. The new rates are:

  • Euronext Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris: 0.35% with a minimum of €1
  • Other markets (US, London, Frankfurt etc.): 0.5% with a minimum of €1

Consult the complete overview of our rates.

Do you want to know if investing in the stock market yourself is right for you? Then check whether the following points apply to you:

  • You want to make your own investment decisions.
  • You want to grow your assets or accumulate extra income.
  • You know and accept that by investing you can lose money.
  • You want to invest with a long-term view.  

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Best Execution

The MiFID legislation ensures an even greater transparency and provision of information in relation to investments as of 3 January 2018. To achieve this goal, ING Belgium provides you with the following documents concerning the best execution of your orders which you can consult here below:

SFDR - Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

The aim of the SFDR is to provide more transparency on sustainability within the financial markets in a standardised way. To achieve this goal, ING Belgium provides you with following documents: