Saving for young people

ING Focus Plan Bricks for kids

Invest right now for your child's future.

Do you dream of a bright future for your children, your grandchildren or your godchildren? Start saving right now and offer them the best possible opportunities for their future (further education, a house, etc.). Don't wait any longer to find out all about the benefits of the ING Focus Plan Bricks for Kids, the investment plan for young people.

  • Potentially high return

    You can benefit from any potentially favourable trends in the financial markets but neither your capital nor the return are guaranteed.

  • Made to measure investment plan

    You choose a fund yourself to match your investor profile along with the duration of your contract and the frequency of your payments.

  • Starting from €25

    You do not need a big budget. You can make deposits from as little as €25.

  • Flexible amount, premium and term

    You can adapt your plan free of charge at any time.

The ING Focus Plan Bricks for Kids is intended for anyone: parents, grandparents, godfather, godmother etc.; anyone who holds an ING current account or an ING Invest Account and who wants to invest regularly in order to give a child a helping hand.

It allows you to build up a potentially handsome nest egg for your child, grandchild, godchild, niece or nephew, for when they decide to leave the nest. Your money is invested in a sub-fund*.

*See legal information

You decide for yourself how much to pay in. As the money is invested in shares in a sub-fund, you do not need a big budget. You can invest from as little as €25 per fund*.

You also choose the duration of your investment plan. This must be at least one year.

*See legal information

  • Tailored risks: Depending on your investor profile, and the funds* you invest in.

  • Return is not guaranteed: The return on your ING Focus Plan Bricks for Kids is not guaranteed. The same goes for your capital. Depending on the performance of the fund* you select, you may see some attractive gains.

*See legal information

  • You can open, change or terminate the agreement free of charge.

  • Sales charge is 3%.

Open your plan

You invest in funds held in a securities account in the name of the child.

Make an appointment in a branch
Manage your plan

You can change the amount and frequency of your payments, or the fund in which you invest.

Terminate your plan

You can end your contract when you want, with no charge.