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You decide how you want your financial future to look. And if you wish our experts can help you. Because you are unique, our tailored advice is unique as well.

Your money is important as it offers you and your family a stable standard of living and a secure future. 

Savings or investments?

You need to save for unexpected expenses or smaller projects. However, with interest rates at historic lows, a savings account sadly no longer earns you much.

If you're a saver, why not consider investing instead?  In the long term, investments may show a greater profit than savings accounts.

The ABC of investing

Are you new to investing?

In that case, read the brochure called Investing: how do I start? It will help you make informed financial decisions and get your money working for you!

Top priority: build up your pension

Top priority: build up your pension

The average state pension is only 1,156 euros*, giving you the perfect incentive to start building up your pension now. The sooner you start your pension savings plan, the more benefits you can enjoy.

Save for your retirement and benefit from a possible tax advantage!

*Source: Service Pensions (Pensions Department) – Monthly statistics, April 2019

A tailored investment plan

With ING Focus Plan, you invest at your own pace into a tailored regular plan. Starting from as little as 25 euros per month. You can open your plan at a branch, or online.

Would you like tailored advice?

Just make an appointment with one of our ING experts.

Together we will define your investment profile. You then choose an investment that fits your life and needs, easily and quickly thanks to our professional and personalised advice.