ING, your partner for your future

Are you, like many Belgians, looking to put money aside and grow your savings to finance your future projects? Whatever your goals, ING is here to guide you based on your needs and investment profile.

Why grow your money?

There are several reasons to make your capital grow:

  • Renovating a home
  • Securing a comfortable pension
  • Providing your children with start-up capital
  • Finding an alternative to low-yield savings accounts
  • ...

A combination of both saving and investing can be an ideal way to help you reach your goals. Do you already have money set aside for unexpected expenses? Do you already save for your pension while benefiting from tax relief? If so, then you may be wondering about the next step that will enable you to optimise your return.

Investment options

Perhaps you are already familiar with the fundamentals of investment. If not or if you would like to refresh your memory, ING has designed a practical guide to help you get started.

Download it now and (re)familiarise yourself with the basics of investing. You will also find an overview of the many investment options on offer, as well as our advice for getting off to the best possible start.

Tailored advice from our experts

To know which financial products you should invest in, you need to define your investment profile together with one of our experts. This questionnaire will form the basis for personalised advice tailored to your situation and ambitions.

Simply make an appointment at one of our branches to get started.

Ready to start now?

You can also start by investing a set amount at regular intervals. This solution is available from as little as 25 euros per month, offering you the best potential return based on your regular savings and your chosen level of risk. Moreover, by spreading your investment over time, you will also reduce the risk of investing during less favourable periods. However, a regular investment plan does not guarantee your capital.

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