10 October 2018

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Monthly economic update

What are the projections for the global economy? Each month our experts deliver their macroeconomic forecasts for each geographical area.

The Investor Barometer

Optimistic? Very optimistic? Pessimistic? Neutral? We measure the average Belgian individual investor’s confidence on a monthly basis in conjunction with the University of Ghent, De Tijd and l'Echo.

Focus on the Belgian economy

Have a special interest in the Belgian economy? So does ING Group! 

Financial and market news with a focus on Belgium, analysed and interpreted by our perceptive economists.

Financial Tube

Follow all the latest financial news condensed into video form by our specialists.

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Monthly Market Review

Opportunities? Risk? Discover our various investment strategies by sector and monitor how the latest developments on the global markets through the watchful eyes of our experts.

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Personal Portfolio

Our exclusive investment range designed for Personal Banking customers. Consult the NN Investment Partners quarterly report and discover the opportunities for your financial planning.

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Macroeconomic market conditions, ING Belgium's investment strategy, the composition of your investment funds... As an ING Core und shareholder, you can take advantage of our unrivalled management expertise.