30 May 2018

ING Invest Account

Opena free investment account!

Are you looking for an investment account that will allow you to keep your investments and your daily banking strictly separate? Choose the ING Invest Account: this investment account is entirely free!


  • Free: there are no management fees for the ING Invest Account.

  • Practical: you keep your investments perfectly separate from your daily banking.

  • Anywhere, anytime: you can view your investments anytime, anywhere with Home'Bank and Phone'Bank

What is a free investment account?

The ING Invest Account is a separate account specifically for your investment transactions. It allows you to keep your investments strictly separate from your daily banking.

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants to manage his or her investments the best possible way. This account can include several currencies and uses daily exchange rates.



Manage your investments via:

  • Home'Bank: go to Services > Savings and Investments > Investments.
  • Home'Bank gives investors:
  • 50% discount on brokerage fees/commissions on Euronext transactions
  • 40% discount on brokerage fees/commissions on non-Euronext transactions
  • 20% discount on ING investment fund subscription fees.
  • Phone'Bank: on +32 2 464 60 04.
  • Self'Bank: choose option 4: Investments > Securities portfolios.
  • an ING branch: make an appointment now at a branch of your choice.


This investment account is free.

Are you interested in a free investment account?