25 May 2018

Are you ready to invest?

Discuss the options with our experts and receive personalised advice

Thinking of investing? No doubt you have loads of questions! But fear not, ING knows exactly what you are getting into. We will guide you through the most important terminology and take your existing knowledge of finance and investments into account. During your appointment at the branch, you will have the chance to ask all your questions and go over the most important points together.

Do you having savings you can miss for a while? Watch the video (FR) and find out whether investing is for you!

What should I invest in?

That depends on your "investment profile". Your profile is compiled on the basis of a questionnaire which you fill in together with an expert before you invest.

Your profile includes an indication of:

  • your financial situation
  • your level of investment knowledge and experience
  • your objectives
  • how much risk you are willing to take
  • how much you want to invest
  • how long you can miss your capital.

This profile allows your ING investment advisor to give you advice that is completely adapted to your personal situation. So you only invest in funds that match your needs and expectations. All transactions are executed on the basis of structured, rather than ad hoc, investment advice. In other words, they must correspond with the recommended asset allocation as determined by your investment profile.

Transactions based on ad hoc investment advice are still possible for some products. In such cases, this advice only relates to the financial product in question and your investment profile. It does not take into account the diversification of your investment portfolio.

What is MiFID?

MiFiD is a European investment guideline that protects you as an investor. All financial institutions within the European Union that trade in funds, bonds and derivative products are required to adhere to it. The guideline guarantees, among other things, that you receive as much transparent information as possible and in a timely fashion. Read more about MiFID.

How can I track my investments?

You are welcome to enquire about your investments at your ING branch at any time. However, you can also follow the performance of your investments via our internet banking service or smartphone and tablet apps. Read more about online banking.

How much does investing cost?

All transactions are subject to certain taxes and a commission charge. Full details of all applicable costs will be provided to you at the branch. Read more about the taxation rates for investment transactions..

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