9 April 2018

Investing with Home'Bank

Home'Bank allows you to monitor your investments anytime, anywhere. For more information, don't hesitate to contact an ING liaison officer!


  • Wide range: ING has a wide and diverse range of investments.
  • Flexible: Home'Bank allows you to monitor your investments anytime, anywhere.
  • Extra discounts: manage your investments with Home'Bank and receive extra discounts.

How do you get started?

  • Step 1: Open your free investment account.
  • The ING Invest Account is a free investment account that allows you to make investment transactions. That way, you keep your investments and daily banking perfectly separate!
  • Open your ING Invest Account now in Home'Bank.
  • Step 2: Open your free securities account, linked to your ING Invest Account.
  • An ING Securities Account provides optimal investment comfort and allows you to access your portfolio status at any time of the day. When you subscribe to an investment in Home'Bank, you will be given the opportunity to link a securities account to your ING Invest Account free of charge.
  • Step 3: Manage your investments in Home'Bank and enter orders in just a few minutes, wherever you are.
  • Home’Bank gives investors:
  • 50% discount on brokerage fees/commissions on Euronext transactions
  • 40% discount on brokerage fees/commissions on non-Euronext transactions
  • 20% discount on ING investment fund subscription fees
  • If you are not yet using Home'Bank, read here how easy it is to start online banking!
  • You can also submit orders via Phone’Bank on +32 2 464 60 04 or via your ING branch.

Would you like to know more about investing?