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Whatever your goals, ING is here to guide you! Do you already save for your pension? Are you taking your first steps in the investment world? Are you still looking for a solution that will potentially help grow your capital to finance a future project? Or do you want to know more about the advantages of choosing ING for your investments?

Every investor is unique

How you manage your financial future is your choice. ING is here to support you! Our experts help you make the right choice for your money, in line with your objectives, your financial situation, your knowledge and experience of financial products and also your risk profile.

Events and news

Our expertise is at your service, which is why we organize conferences on regular basis and keep you up to date with our monthly investment strategy updates and market reviews.

You can also remain informed about the economical news.

Financial information

In line with the 'MiFID' regulations destined to protect investors, ING Belgium has implemented several types of investment profiles. Just one way in which we offer the highest level of protection for our customers. 

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