Invest yourself

Your investments from home

Did you know that from now on it is possible to get investment advice without leaving your sofa?


  • Contact your advisor to schedule a time for a video call.
  • You'll receive a confirmation e-mail with your chosen date and timeslot. The message will also contain a link to the video call environment. 48 hours prior to the start of your video appointment, you'll receive a reminder e-mail.
  • To offer remote investment advice in a reliable and straightforward way, we have set up a secure procedure to protect you as a customer. As part of this, a personal contract will be drawn up to provide a legal framework for remote advice and transactions. 

What do you have to do to prepare?

  • Make sure that your personal details are up to date: we need to have a correct e-mail address. How can you do this?
  • Via de ING Bank app: click on your Profile > Settings > Personal data.
  • Via Home'Bank: log in and then go to "My settings".
  • Make sure you have access to your Home’Bank (via your card + card reader / Itsme app) to be able to digitally confirm the required orders/transactions, if applicable. If you haven't yet signed up to Home’Bank, you can request access online here.  

How exactly will the conversation unfold?

  • Your advisor will ask you a couple of security questions to confirm your identity. To be able to answer these, we recommend that you have your ING Banking app / Home’Bank to hand. 
  • Afterwards, you can continue the conversation just like you would in person. The only difference is that your conversation will be recorded — we are legally obliged to do so.
  • If you'd like to proceed to the next step and submit orders / transactions, we will send you the pre-contractual documentation (KIID, costs and fees, product sheet etc.) digitally via Home'Bank (or by e-mail if you prefer). Once we've done that, we'll send you the contract documents.
  • Prior to carrying out your orders / transactions, we will ask you to sign them off for approval in your Home'Bank using your card reader / Itsme app. 

Click here to be contacted by your personal advisor.

Want to manage more banking transactions remotely?

You can also use our handy digital channels at any time for more remote services: explore our new ING Investing app, our tried-and-tested ING Banking app and online banking via Home’Bank. On top of that, support from our customer service team is available by telephone on +32 2 464 60 01 or directly through the ING Banking app under ‘Services’.