6 May 2019

Your tax certificates

Download them online and take advantage of your tax breaks

Tax certificates: when and where?

The tax return rears its head at the same time each year. You need your tax certificates in order to fill it in and claim your various tax breaks. And to make it easy to find and download them, we’ve compiled details below about when your certificates are made available and where to find them. And that, for each product that is tied to a tax benefit.

  • Star Fund

Available from 25/04/2019


  • ING Life Star Plan, ING Life Pension Plan, ING Star Life, ING Life Plan

Available from March 2019


  • ING Outstanding Balance Insurance for Mortgage Loans, ING Term Death Insurance, ING Fixed Capital Death Insurance

Available from February 2019


  • Mortgages ING

Available from February 2019


  • Mortgages ex-Record Bank

Available from mid-May 2019

  • For the following products the tax certificates will be sent by post

  • ING Business Pension Plan (BPP)

Sent by post from 15/04/2019

  • ING Supplementary Pension Self-Employed

Sent by post from 23/04/2019

  • AXA Supplementary Pension Plan for the Self-Employed

Sent by post from the second half of May 2019